Friday, July 27, 2012

Wedding Dress Runner Ups

I confirmed my first wedding dress fitting for a Saturday in September yesterday and I got to thinking about all those dresses I tried on. It is killing me that I won’t see the thing for another month or two. However, my dress is in Cincinnati, Ohio and I don’t plan on driving up there before then… unless my bridesmaid dresses come in sooner than expected. Girlfran is super busy these days with wedding planning, a career, trying to run a house, make time for friends, and be a good wifey to be.

While I won't share my actual wedding dress, I did want to share the dresses that were a close 2nd.

After being very open to trying on any style and material, I immediately knew I wanted a lace dress and in ivory. The ivory looks so much better with my olive skin tones. I think the lace look is so romantic and is perfect for our country/rustic barn wedding.

These next two dresses are the two I immediately feel in love with and actually went back several times to try them on. I thought it would be one of them.


And then there was the trip to Cincinnati with my mom that sealed the deal. I found three dresses there that blew the other two away.

In third place we have the gorgeous gown.
The neckline looked amazing on me since i have such a long torso. I am almost 5'10"...ain't nothing about me short.
However, I wasn't crazy about the beading under the bust; it almost looked cheap on me.


In 2nd place...this beauty. This pic does not do it justice. It was soooo pretty on me. However, ultimately I decided it looked a lil more formal with the satin detail around the waist. It was gorgeous though.  


And then there was the moment where the bridal associate asked me if i brought my wedding shoes. I of course wore my cowboy boots that day and when i put them on under my actual dress....LOVE at first sight.
It's perfect

But y'all will have to wait till after the wedding to see the real thing.
EEEK 114 days to go.
Holy Crap!


Brooke said...

You will be absolutely beautiful : )

Tiffany said...

Can't wait to see what you picked. My dress is ivory and lace as well!

-Emily- said...

Wow they are all BEAUTIFUL!! I love the lace, I wish that had been in style when I got married, I totally would have gone with it :)

Pamela said...

They are all gorgeous!! Can't wait to see which one you picked :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dresses! I love the second one! Do you buy any chance know the info for it?


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