Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our New Toy

So last Saturday I had to get my oil changed and my lil Ford Escape inspected and tuned up. I went and did kickboxing that morning with my gal pal and the plan was for Kev to pick me up afterwards and take me home.
Kev was running a lil behind that morning.
No big deal...It was crazy hot by 10am that morning and I decided I would get some vitamin d and stroll through the car dealership.
Those lil salesmen asked if I needed help with anything
With my KY country twang I said "Yeah...where are all the trucks?
They smirked and laughed a little and pointed me in the right direction and asked if I needed assistance.
In fear of being followed by the salesman and getting his hopes up of a possible deal I politely said "Honey no..we are paying for a wedding and ain't no chance that the Mr. will loosen up his squeaky tight wallet."
They got a kick out of it.

Back story: I love big trucks!! Like seriously thought about getting one before I got my lil SUV. What can I say? I am from Eastern Ky and us kentucky gals love us some trucks. Know what we love even more? A good lookin man in a big pickup truck :-)
But guess who loves trucks more than me...Kevin Rex!
Poor man has been wanting one for a WHILE. However, it got tabled with the purchase of a new house 2 years ago, an engagement ring last Christmas and an upcoming wedding. Good things come to those that wait right?

back to our lil Saturday at the dealership.
So i waltzed over to the truck section and called my mama on my celly.
She was cracking up at me. I joked with her that I was gonna make KR come look at this black f150 because he will fall in love with it instantly. Funny right?

Well it may have been love at first sight...because what was supposed to be about 5 mins at the car dealership turned into about 5 hours and us driving home with this.

Crazy huh? Crazy doesn't even begin to describe that day. It was a whilrwind.
The guy at the dealership told KR to take it out for a test drive and the rest was history.
They gave us a great deal on his old vehicle and we wheeled and dealed to make the numbers fit our budget.
We literally had not talked cars in months...and it all happen completely out of the blue.
We were supposed to hit the pool that day, but instead we spent our afternoon at the car dealership.
It's the laughing joke in our family - leave the gym, get an oil change and buy a car. I still cant believe we bit the bullet, but no buyer's remorse at case de Winchester.

KR rocking his new ride and a beard

Learning about all the bells and whistles on his new toy. Some of which we still don't know how to work. We have mastered the rear camera, but are still figuring out the navigation system :-)  

Kev works his ass off day in and day out and I am a firm believer if you work get to play even harder.
He deserved that toy he has been thinking about for years. He is the type of person that will never buy himself anything. He is always so selfless and always puts our needs above his own. He is completely self-made and has worked his tiny hiney off to move up in his career and company. I am so proud of him. I admire his work ethic so much.
We are both blessed to have amazing jobs that allow us to play hard.
And that's what we keep planning to do.....until a lil bambino puts the breaks on that, but that is not happening any time soon :-)

Happy friday y'all!

disclaimer (so I went back and fourth on whether to blog about this or not at the risk of sounding braggy or superficial, but mine and KR's closest friends and family read my lil bloggy and love to be updated on the latest in our lives. however, kev and i both firmly believe that the most important things in life aren't things at all. we are beyond blessed with things other than those that are simply materialistic.  We thank God for those things every single day.  )


Meghan said...

Oh yes! Trucks are sexy! & guys who drive trucks? even sexier! Congrats on your new toy!!

Babygirl said...

This is sooo happening in our household right now. The hubs is dying for the exact truck you bought! I think he's thinking about settling for a GMC Acadia, which to me is a lil more practical, despite how much I love a big truck. But fact is, he drives from Richmond to Lex for work, and he really only wants to truck to go back and forth to Lowes. So I think he's gonna do the acadia, then buy an older truck for his hauling. But who knows, he'll most likely come home with a big ole' truck, and while I may act like it's annoying, I'll love that big ole' truck on the inside :)

The Pink Growl said...

Nice!!! I love trucks!

Charlie's Mommy said...

This post brings Kip Moore's Somethin Bout A Truck Song to mind!! Congrats....she's a beaut!

Erin said...

OW OW!!! Hottttt truck- good for you guys! And ditto to Charlie's Mommy's comment lol!

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