Thursday, August 16, 2012

She makes her 50's look good :-)

Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman that I know

The woman who knows how to push my buttons and call me on my crap
The woman who has a heart of pure gold and always puts others above herself
The woman who is my rock
The woman who walks the Christian life day in and day out
The woman who taught me to wear my 4 inch heels and not slouch my shoulders even when towering at over 6 feet tall in them
The woman who believes in me on my very worst days
The woman who sacrificed to give me everything the world has to offer
The woman who I admire so much as a mother and a wife
The woman who picks me up when I am down, wipes the tears when I am sad, encourages me when I am afraid, and loves me through it all. The woman who is truly my best friend
Happy Birthday to my Momma :-)

Mom – I hope you are reading this from your brand new ipad :-) :-) :-)  I love you soo much.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your mama! Love the picture!!

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