Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bailey's 8 week Follow-up

We took Bailey to visit the doggy orthopedic surgeon on Monday for his 8 week followup.
(you can read about our TPLO experience here and here )
I was so anxious about the visit, praying the x-rays would be perfect....and that they were.

The Vet told us that that Bailey's bone was healing well and the pin and plate were in their proper place.

The best news of all ......We can start going on short walks again!
It's been over 9 weeks since I took my best boy on a walk.
I love going on walks with Bailey, Kev and Uggie. It's one of our favorite things to do.
Still no off leash play for little man, but we are not complaining. He can also finally be out of his pen and roam the house supervised.
The end of the pallet era is so near, although I think we all may miss the pallet a wee lil bit when it is all said and done. Bailey still can't jump and we are limiting trips up and down the steps, but the light at the end of the tunnel is visible.

His rehab walking program starts today, he is gonna do great - his momma is an occupational therapist and all :-) so he has no choice.

Kentucky gals - if your pooch ever has to have major surgery or a vet specialist, I can not say enough good things about Louisville Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists. They have been amazing to work with and have taken such good care of Bailey.


Jordon said...

So glad to hear your boy is recovering so perfectly! Warms my heart!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

That is great news! What a sweet pup!!

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