Monday, December 12, 2011

ornament tradition

so i love ornaments! I like to get several ornaments each Christmas to celebrate the year.

My mom still buys me Barbie ornaments. Still.

I bet I have over 30 of them. I guess there were a few years in there where she bought me more than one. One day, when she finally hands them over to me, I want to have a Barbie Christmas tree. Would be so precious in a little girl's room.

Below are just some of the ornaments KR and I have collected over the past couple of years.
(KR=kevin rex ..yeah he kinda has two names. his name is kevin. people call him rex. i call him KR on the blog. strange, i know)

Anywho, Kevin's last name starts with the letter "W" and my first name starts with "W" ...duh.
And lets just say I get a little "W" crazy at times.

I bought us this lil ornament in 2009. It was handmade by a former patient of mine who had a holiday booth at the hospital that year.
It was our first real Christmas together.
He came home with me to my parents that year.
It was all so new and full of puppy dog eyes and butterflies.

The back of the ornament says Christmas 2009 at Cannock.
Cannock was the street where we first met. He was sitting outside with his dog one day, Uggie. He hates when I say that I totally noticed the dog before I noticed him. Yet, it is so true.

 Our first apt was on that street.
So many good memories there
We met as strangers and I feel in love with him on that street....makes ya wanna gag huh?
He told me he loved me for the 1st time on Cannock Drive
We had so many 1sts on Cannock...1st kiss, 1st fight, 1st time the doggies lived together, 1st Thanksgiving together as hosts.
You get the picture.
Cannock will always be special to me

I had this ornament made last year.

Every year Santa's Pen opens it kiosk doors at the local mall
and every year this girl spends a fortune on custom made ornaments.
i think they make the best little gifts

And this year....
I got us this one

I snapped that photo and then and then i literally dropped it on the tile floor and shattered in into about 4 different pieces. UGGGGHH  ARRRGGGHH. Breaking out the super glue asap.
And it will hang sooo pretty on the Christmas tree.

Do you buy certain ornaments each year?


Turtles and Pearls said...

I love your ornaments!! My mom buys each of the kids an ornament each year. They're all Precious sister gets animals, my brother gets boys, and I get girls. I love it! I guess she ran out of ones to buy because she just gets my BIL a random one each year!

Ashley said...

Awe, love your Christmas ornaments! Memories are sooo nice to remember, especially during this time of year! Sorry to hear about the newest ornament :( at least you got a pretty picture first!

Zara said...

These are presh!
I love the Barbie ones! I think if I have a little girl, I have to get her started on a barbie ornament collection. :-) It will be perfect!

I got an ornament the first year we celebrated Christmas together, but that's about it. Maybe I need to get back on that. :-)

Married...with a Pup said...

Awwww that story is sooooo super sweet. I noticed a lot more "we's" glad to hear you're happy!!! And yes, a Barbie tree would be amazing!!!

Ashley said...

I love that your mom still buys you Barbie ornaments! That's the best!

And the Ws....what a cute tradition! This post just makes me happy :)

Jamie said...

A Barbie tree would be so fun!

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