Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas for the doggies

One of my favorite parts about going to my parent's house is spending time with the doggies.
I am sure Bailey Boy loves it even more than I do.

Here is a look at how the doggies spent their Christmas.
It consisted of three things

and of course

Take a peak

Miss faith all snuggled up on the couch. She can be a lil diva, but a sweetie at heart. She is so lovable

Bailey is King at his nana and papaw's house.
He lays wherever he wants.
Eats whatever he wants to eat
And gets all the love attention he could he ever need.

And then there is sweet, sweet Dempsey.
He literally knows how to give hugs.
I think rescued dogs sometimes know how lucky they are...and he is a perfect example.
You should see this dog with my parents.
It is beyond precious.

Where there is one...there are all three.

Faithy is such a model

Sometimes Bailey naps under the Christmas tree

And sometimes Uggie smells it.
Although she wasn't with us last weekend, we had a moment for her.
Uggie loves her country home...especially her nana.

This pic speaks for itself.
Clearly, they live a hard life.

Bailey wanted to make sure he wished you all a Merry Christmas (a day or two late) and a Happy Happy New Year!


Cassie said...

I agree 100% about a rescued dog! One of mine is rescued and she is so sweet! I love seeing pictures of your not so little babies!

Erin said...

LOOOOOVE those pups! I'm allergic to dogs but love them so much!! :( Hoping I can find one someday that doesn't make me sneeze!! ;)

Married...with a Pup said...

Well a Merry Christmas to you too Bailey ;-)! All those dogs are just so precious. Definitely makes me want to get another NOW!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh precious pups!! you are a girl after my own heart being a dog's momma!!

Sarah said...

Your pups are too cute! And you look always :) Have a happy new year love!! xoxo

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