Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random pics on the iphone

Right before thanksgiving, I got to travel home to see this guy
My bestie's sweet baby boy, Trigg
He is sooo stinking cute
I got to help with his lil bath and he melted my heart even more

Look at that face

Wearing his KY outfit his auntie Whitney bought him

And his mama texted me this sweet photo of him last week
baby trigg got his Christmas on at he photographer's office
i am dying to see more
he looks like a little porcelain doll

i probably take a handful of photos of the doggies everyday
this one of bailey boy is a new fave
he is in his bedroom one of the guest rooms at KR's
yep, he gets the whole queen size bed to himself

and if you follow me a twitter
you saw these pics last night of miss uggie sue
uggie sue sure does love her daddy

look at her sad mouth
she rules our roost that is for sure

this next pic was taken on Thanksgiving day
it is worth a million words
my granny is not a dog fan....AT ALL
and for her to let lil dempsey lay in her lap was so precious to me
dempsey was rescued by my parents about 2 years ago and he doesn't just warm up to anybody
he sure does love my granny though
i think he is growing on her

and then of course there is me
enjoying my latte
in my sweats
on my favorite part of the couch
with the doggies
and my sweetie 

hope you all are having great weeks!
it is almost Friday and I cant wait for the UK vs UNC game on Saturday!!! GO CATS!


Young and Fabulous said...

EEE!!! cuuutest baby in the world

those dogs are just so cute and loveable looking :-)


Married...with a Pup said...

Oh my goodness, Bailey is seriously so adorable! Is that his tongue sticking out while sleeping, haha! All the photos that I have on my phone of Brutus are ones of him sleeping!! And Baby Trigg....that Christmas photo is seriously priceless!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

just came across your blog..both are too cute!

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