Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If Marisa Miller Can...So can I

So it's true.
These pics aren't just your average photo shoot.
Marisa Miller really drives her own Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Why do I care you ask?
Cause I was grew up loving Harleys!
My cousin had one and so did the majority of my guy friends growing up 
 I have secretly always wanted to learn to ride one.

Then came KR
who happened to be in the process of buying a Harley around the same time as we met a couple years ago
Made me fall even harder...hehe
One of my favorite things is riding with him on sunny fall and spring days through the back roads of lexington.

Anywho....Marisa Miller gave an interview in Maxim magazine a couple months ago and this girl is the real deal.
She rides with her dad and hubby on regular occasion
I am super impressed that that tiny lil body can operate 800lbs plus of machinery
And if she can do it....so can I.

KR is thinking about upgrading to a bigger bike in the Spring and I am just dying for him to keep the smaller bike he currently owns so I can learn to ride.
There is a class in central KY in the spring that might have my name on it in 2012.

I may not look like this in my biker clothes,

but i still feel there is something sexy about a woman doing so-called "men things" like riding a motorcycle.
I am secretly channeling my inner bad ass

AND i promise to always wear my helmet


Whitney said...

My hubby rides a motorcycle. In the summer of 2010, I took the class in Georgetown, but ended up quitting on the second day :\

J and A said...

Love Marisa. So does my hubby! Motorbikes scare me a little, but you coudl totally pull it off! :)

Sarah said...

You are a badass chica!! My grandfather had a motorcycle for a while and he would take us on rides which were so much fun!! I want to see some pictures of you and this bad boy!! :)

Ashley said...

She makes that bike look good! Love her! You should totally take some pics like that - now, that would be bad ass! :p

Married...with a Pup said...

Oh my goodness! This is sooo hot! Haha, I'm very impressed!

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