Friday, January 10, 2014

TGIF: Five on Friday

Happy Friday Y'all! Another week in the books...and that's fine by me. I feel like this week was exhausting and drug on. It's the first real/full week of work I have had since Christmas and my brain is out of work shape.

1. Kev and I are so excited to have this gal staying with us for four weeks. I can't believe she is NKY in our home with us. Doesn't feel real!

Caitlin has a 4 week physical therapy clinical in our area, so it was a no brainier she would stay with us those during that time. It's so fun having one of your best gal pals in your home, and I am loving talking all things rehab/therapy with her every night. 

2. Monograms, Monograms, Monograms!
I have always been a fan and lover of monograms, but lately I have became obsessed! Reese Witherspoon always said, "if it doesn't move, monogram it." I love that! Santa hooked me up with some goodies from Marley Lilly. I love their store! The half zip fleece is my fave! I already have two other colors picked out. They are super comfy and the length is perfect. 

Also loving my beaded change purse that sweet Dana got me. It's adorable! 

3.  This banner that is on it's way to my mantle right now

4.  Looking forward to this gal's baby shower on Saturday. You may remember her from our wedding. She married us :-) 

And I can't believe sweet Abbey will be here in February! 

5. I couldn't bring myself to writing a whole post on the topic below, as it is still so painful, but I can't not mention it. I have always treated my blog like mine and kev's scrapbook of our lives. A way to document our journeys through the years. And this has to be documented....

Most of you know by now, but my brother's best friend was stabbed to death late on New Year's Eve/early New Year's Day. It was a very violent and senseless act of violence committed by two strangers...the police have still been unable to establish motive. Not only was Michael my brother's best friend, but he was family in my house. It's been a living nightmare. The fact that it happened period is horrible....but it is truly shocking to imagine something of this magnitude happening in our itty bitty small town in Eastern Kentucky. My brother was in California with his girlfriend when he got the news. He called my mom at at 330am eastern time...she picked up the phone thinking she would be getting a happy new year phone call. Instead, it was her son screaming and mourning for his best friend. It still gives me chills. 
My brother and his gf flew back to KY immediately....and the next day days we were back in Whitesburg for Michael's visitation and funeral. It still doesn't seem real. 

It was at the funeral visitation on Friday night that I realized how fortunate enough I was to be raised in my little one horse town. Whitesburg will always be home for me, and although it's a bit backwards at time, the community stands together as a family. Always has and  always will. They estimated nearly 3000 people came through the doors of the two story church were Micheal's visitation was held. I am not exaggerating when I say every seat in the church was full, and a line was formed from 530pm to almost 11pm from the inside of the church that wrapped around the 18 degree weather. All so people could pay their respects, and each one of them hug his parents. I don't have children, so I can't imagine loosing a child, but I can't imagine anything being more painful than loosing your 24 year old son to such a cruel act of violence. It breaks my heart, and it has broke our small-knit community's heart, too.

My brother spoke at his funeral. Spoke like a true man. He was able to somehow pull together the strength to keep his composure and have the right words come out of his mouth. He made us cry, but he made us laugh...and Michael wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 

(below - Michael (on the far left) and my brother's friends at our wedding)

Yesterday, the arraignment was held at the county courthouse. Hundreds of people showed up wearing t-shirts printed in Mike's honor. The officials had to turn people away because the courtroom was so full. The case will proceed to grand jury trial and hopefully justice will be served. The men who committed such a cruel act were denied bail. I can't imagine his parents having to look at the men who took their son's life. My mother said it was hard day for everyone, including my baby brother who is still trying to make sense of all of this. Please pray for Mikes' family, for my brother, for our family, for Mike's friends, for our community and for justice.  

I posted this on facebook the other day and wanted to share here....

I will always remember a house full of little boys at my house growing up. My mom would slave over the stove for hours and hours keeping them fed. She wouldn't have it any other way...a house full of boys playing Nintendo, swimming in the pool, and playing basketball on the ball court kept my parents' hearts full ......and he was always one of them. It is hard for me to remember a time that Michael wasn't at my house on a weekend or in the summer putting a smile on my baby brother's face, joking around with my dad, talking to "momma tom" or asking me how college life was. He slept many nights on my parents' couch, and waking him up early to get back to Connie's house was always hysterical. The kid could literally sleep through anything. And where there was Charlie, there was always Mike not too far behind. To us he was more than my brother's best friend....he was family. And he will always be missed at the Banks house. We love you Michael!


Pamela said...

Love those shirts! So sweet.

Ashley said...

Thinking of all you guys. Hoping and praying Michael and his family get the justice deserve.

Love all those monograms - Marley Lilly has adorable stuff!!

Brooke said...

Marley Lilly is the cutest every - Two Funny Girls also has great stuff. And Dana is on top of her gift game : )

I cannot read this post without crying. I have thought so many times about your brother. To be so young and to lose your very best friend.

If you can, tell him this. Write down the memories. Write them every single one down. You may forget something and God forbid, you may lose a part of a memory that you hold so dear of that person. Laugh. Harder than you've ever laughed. Remember every good thing you know about Michael and not just that, laugh about all the silly things he used to do. Look at pictures and save everything you have that reminds you of him. Cry until your eyes hurt. But don't ever, ever let his memory die. Don't ever let his flame go out, because you'll always hold it in your heart.

xoxo, B

Babygirl said...

So sorry for the loss you and your family are experiencing. it's absolutely heartbreaking to even imagine. I'll pray for your family and especially your brother as you grieve this special life. Your words written are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I've experienced the loss of someone too soon, but never at the hands of such unexcused violence, and my heart just shatters when I think about...bless you all

Bekah Foley said...

This made my heart so sad. I'm praying for your family, Michael's family and friends for strength during this tough time. Its a crazy world we live in. I hope that justice is served for this senseless act.

Meghan said...

Yep, I'm crying. Praying for your brother, you and Michael's family. Please if there is anything me or us bloggers can do please let me know!



Jill said...

I love those shirts people had made up. I hope justice will be served. It won't bring Michael back, but it will keep these men from doing something like this to anyone else. Such a sad sad tragedy, and I just don't understand how anyone could do something like that. I don't really know your brother but knowing he is faced with this makes my heart hurt. I am so sorry for your all's loss :( Love you.

Eesh said...

Again, I couldn't get through this without bursting into tears. Thoughts and prayers love, you, your family and Michael's family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

Lindsey said...

Keeping your brother, family, and community in my prayers during this time, Whit. xo

Brittany said...

I can't imagine what your family has gone through. How horrific. A prayer has been sent.

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