Monday, January 6, 2014

NYE 2013

I have never been the biggest fan of NYE. It's hard for me to stay up until midnight on a weekend, let alone a week night. Oh, and let's be honest, I usually have to work New Year's day, too. It's also usually freezing in Kentucky, so the last thing I want to do is put on a dress and heels. No. Thank.You.

However, this year was different. This NYE my best gal pal was turning 30 and I was going to be there to celebrate! Nothing could stop that from happening.
So I put on my black skinnies, a black lace shirt, hot rolled and teased my hair, threw on my heels, applied my red lipstick and put on my NYE game face. 

Hubs and I made the drive to Lex where we met Megan and company at Nick Ryan's. It was always one of our favorite places in Lexington to have dinner. Their shrimp & grits and gnocchi are our faves. 

I adore these sweet gals! 

Hubs' beard was rocking in full force. He has recently shaved/trimmed since then, but I swear I think I could have braided the bottom....and I loved it. #sesssskky


I am so glad we were able to ring in 2014 with Megs and her hubby, as well as celebrate the last night of her twenties. And although NYE has never been my favorite, I would not have missed it with her for the world. 
We drove back to NKY and spent the rest of the evening in our pajamas (also known as jammies in our house), cuddled up with the doggies and fell asleep by 1:00am. Next year I am already planning on a pajama party.....that or a trip to somewhere warm :-)

Happy New Year Friends! 

at 4am that morning we got some horrible news, for those that follow me on instagram or already know....but that night my brother's very best friend's life was taken in a senseless act of violence. it doesn't seem natural to me that I can blog about our NYE and not mention has rocked our family and our small/close knit-community to it's core.  a violent stabbing occurred that night in my itty bitty one-horse hometown.......and i still can't wrap my mind around it. he was truly like family in my house and was taken from us way too soon. for those of you that have emailed, texted and/or called....thank you. i am sorry if I haven't responded. it's been a nightmare and we are all still recovering. please continue to pray for this young man's family and for my brother as everyone tries to pick up the pieces without him. 


Pamela said...

I hate that about his best friend! I am SO sorry!

Brooke said...

I have read so many news stories about the young guy who lost his life - and all I can think is how tragic it is that someone lost their life, probably because someone was on drugs. It breaks my heart and I'm so, so sorry.

PS You and Meg look gorgeous!

K said...

I am so sorry for your lost! Such a horrible way to lose someone and definitely WAY too young. Sending thoughts and prayers to your family.

Jill said...

You know you all have been in my prayers. I'm so so sorry for this loss and tragedy :( I am glad you had a good NYE (aside from that) and must say, I like the PJ party idea ;)

Ashley said...

I an SO sorry to hear about your brothers best friend. So heart breaking, especially when you think everyone is friends and family in a small town. Thoughts are with all of you.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I'm sorry for this loss :-(

Eesh said...

So heartbreaking! It's crazy whats going on in the world today. Humans no longer have any regard for another human being's life. Where has the compassion gone?! Just as we are celebrating a new beginning and a fresh start. Lord knows my heart is heavy. His family as well as your family and your brother are all in my prayers.

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