Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday

It's that time of the week again...thank goodness for another Friday! 

1. Got my hair did end of last week and I am rocking out bangs again....and my hair is much darker. No more ombre'. It was too much upkeep and was making my ends so fragile. This gal's baby fine hair couldn't take it. Kev loves my hair dark...I like it with more red/copper tints...but gotta make my man happy. knowwhatiamsaying??? And I cut a good two inches off....lord knows it needed it. 

2. We be up in the gym just working on our fitness......
That's right, Kev and I have finally started working out again. We hit the ground running Monday, and I must confess, I have been so sore all week. Like can't sit on the toilet cause it hurts kind of sore. It's embarrassing that I could only crank out seven push-ups! and they were "girl" style on my knees. I can't even talk about it. It's kind of pathetic....but I will tone it up by bikini season, especially with the neighborhood pool around the corner :-)

We still have lots of work in store for this area of  our basement, but so excited that it's up and running and a functional space we plan to sweat it out in. 

3.This huge wooden monogram I am ordering to hang above our bed in the bedroom. Can't wait to get this bad boy at my doorstep. A little bummed it takes 3-4 weeks to ship and delivery, but it will be well worth the wait

4. The snow! 
Brrrrrrrrrr....NKY got another 4 inches of snow this week. I do love the pretty white snow so much, but I am over it. I need the sun and 70 degree temps on my skin. Come on summer and spring....hurry up and get here. I am ready to put my wellies up already. 

5. These two new recipes that have became staples on our menus. check them out on my pinterest board. 
(we have been eating this one without the's super yummy with cilantro coleslaw or a side of black beans.)

Looking forward to a weekend with no major plans. Hoping to do a little home improvement and a lot of lounging and taking it easy. I live for weekends like this and so looking forward to this one.

Happy Friday Y'all! 


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I've made that fajita dish and it is sooooo good! I'll have to try out that other one too :) Happy Friday sissy!

Jordon said...

You pull off bangs SO well!! And don't even get me started on my jealousy that your neighborhood has a pool! We have been begging for one from our HOA!

Brooke Hamilton said...

The monogram letters... I love them! Thanks for sharing. I'll be adding them to my wish list!

Lindsey said...

I used to like snow…and then it came with 9 degree weather and now I hate snow, winter, cold…all of it! Love your bangs! And I'm also trying to get working out more, totally does hurt. Here's to getting fit!! xo

Lindsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda said...

My mom got me the same wooden monogram for Christmas from the same Etsy shop. I painted ours white this past weekend and hung it up! I absolutely love it, and I know you will too!

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