Tuesday, January 28, 2014

our weekend in a nutshell

This weekend was my kind of weekend. We did a whole lot of nothing....and you will not hear me complain! 
Top Left: Kev picked out these cute boots from tarjay for me. I love them! We love us some weekend target trips together...Kev's wallet...not so much. 
Middle Left: Our house discovered the many wonders of coconut oil this weekend. How have we lived without it? We have cooked with it, moisturized with it and washed off  my makeup with it. I am semi-obsessed.  
Middle Bottom: Our weekend motto. We were snowed in all weekend and spent our no shower Saturday in our pajamas. 
Top Right: We were in our jammies before 9pm and we loved every second of it 
Bottom Right: We started out friday night at one of our local faves - Flipdaddy's. A craft beer and burger joint. It was delish. Kev and I split a turkey burger on a pretzel bun with horseradish, cheddar, sauerkraut and dijon mayo. OHHEEEMMMGEEEE good! 
 Top Left: We stayed in for dinner saturday night and Kev whipped us his famous homemade chicken nachos
Top Right: two thumbs up from me and a photo bomb by Uggie Sue 
Bottom Left: I put on so many layers of clothing, including Kev's coveralls, to play with our fur babies in the snow. I may have looked like the Michelin tire man. 
Bottom right: The snow y'all! It's for real up here in the NKY. We had over a foot of snow in some of the drifts in our front and backyard. Kev shoveled for nearly an hour Saturday morning. 

Sunday - I participated in "a photo an hour" for this bloggy link up. Even for the photo obsessed like me, this task was hard. Can't wait to share.
Hope everyone is having a great week and that you all are warmer than I am....it's a high of 8 degrees here today. Yuccccckkky. 


Meredith said...

Target for the win this weekend with boots, i snagged a pair too! We are loving some coconut oil too, it just adds amazing flavor i think! If jammies are wrong, i don't wanna be right!

Stephanie McMahan said...

Coconut oil has changed my life!! Cute post :)


Jordon said...

If you have a Trader Joe's near, try out their coconut oil! It is SUPER cheap compared to Publix & Kroger!

Ashley said...

Coconut oil has been a total game changer in this house!! It's my go-to for ANY issue. I haven't tried it for washing makeup off though, did you find it left much residue?

Katie said...

We love flipdaddys! So so good. I haven't had a bad burger combo from there yet. Yum, the nachos look amazing!!

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