Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

It's friday! Hip Hip Hooray.
And while it's pouring the snow in NKY today, nothing will keep me from seeing Luke Bryan gyrating on stage tonight in Lexington.

1. Can't wait to see Mr. Bryan shake it for me with KR, my bestie and her hubby. 
Just looking so forward to being back in Lexington in general tonight. I love that town with my whole heart and one day, just one day, I hope we end up back there. 

tonight will be amazzzzzzzzing! 

2. Already looking forward to Saturday brunch with this gal. Kev and I plan to hit up one of our favorite Lexicon brunch stops with Jill and her fellar. Super excited to see her! 

3. Loved having lunch with this gal earlier this week on my quick trip through Lexington for a hair appointment. A stop at Joseph-Beth cafe was exactly what we needed. Made my week!

And we were totally rocking the same brainwaves that day :-)

4. Eating Healthier!
Kev and I have been loading up on veggies this week and protein smoothies. We have been really trying to cut out simple cards and sugars and get healthy again. We plan to splurge this weekend, but overall, have really stuck to a clean diet this week. Just don't count the animal crackers that I can't stop eating ..... We hope to kick start our fitness routine this weekend in the basement. 

5. and last, but not least....more monograms. :-) 
this little after-Christmas package arrived last weekend.
I just love camo stuff.....especially when it's monogrammed! me and marley lilly have a serious love affair going on over here. my husband's wallet....not so much. 

Happy Friday Friends! 


Jessi Otey said...

Glad I found your cute blog via the link-up! We say Luke and Jason last summer and it is still one of the best shows I've been to- they are so fun on stage! Have fun!!

Eesh said...

Gyrating for you! That is hilarious. I can't wait to see a pic or two from the concert.

I love monogrammed pieces but have yet to have anything of mine personalized. Boo!

Hope you & Kev have an awesome weekend!

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

Jordon said...

Other than Garth, Luke Bryan is the best show ever! Even Tyler enjoyed it and didn't mind me screaming :)

Have fun!!!

Meredith said...

There isnt on thing on here I don't just love to death! Luke, friends, monograms (yours and louies)and healthy eats. ps ive got M&M's stashed in my desk

Meghan said...

I may be just a little jealous that you're going to see Luke tonight, have fun!!

Jill said...

One day, just one day, I hope you're back here too!! I'm so bummed about our weekend plans now. Boo :(

Come on through The Purple Front Door! said...

Hi! Visiting from the 5 on Friday link-up....I found Marley Lilly before Christmas and ordered several gifts (for others and myself) and love them! Have a blast seeing Luke shake it!

Shesabigstar said...

I heard the concert got canceled... such a bummer! Hope you still enjoy your evening and have a great weekend!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

How was I not following your blog before this moment?! You're too cute to boot! Just started following on GFC (duh!)!! And girlie...I heard what happened about the concert last night. BUMMER! At least you have a happy February date to look forward to! ;) xx

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