Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Big Picutre Goals

I am not a new years resolution kind of gal. I always think it sets me up for failure. However, over the last few years Kev and I have sat down in early January and talked about the big picture for the upcoming year. Things we want to accomplish together and individually. We use it as a tool to keep us centered on what things we want for our family throughout the year. We sit at the kitchenette table and hand-write our goals down, as well as notes with more details and specifics. Here is a little how that looked for 2014.
Walking More in the Kingdom of God vs the Wordy Kingdom 
I am just going to put it all out there for the world to see. I struggle with this....big time. I know that God wants us to live abundantly, but I struggle with getting caught up in the things of this world vs. God's Kingdom. I think we can all still enjoy nice things the world has to offer, but not at the expense of it coming before God's Kingdom. He wants us to love and seek him first and foremost, and I must admit that I don't always make him my number one priority daily. I will always make time for family and friend gathering, reality television watching, social media connecting, shopping, home improving, etc....but do I really carve out time with God the way I intentionally carve out time for things of this world? It's something Kev and I are constantly trying to improve in ourselves, as well as in our marriage. God is worth more to us than an hour of our time on Sunday morning, more than a 10 min prayer before we go to bed, more than a prayer in time of crisis. We need him every second of every day.....and walking with him more in 2014 is our biggest goal. It's a hard goal, too. Pray for us as we really try to live this one out this year. 

 Since the move, our fitness routine has been non-existent. 
Zip, zero, nothing - to keep our bodies in good health.
We have been eating cleaner since the new year, but yet to put our fitness vision into motion. 
We have been putting our home gym together...with just a few more pieces left! Yay! 
Tonight we plan to spend some time in our basement hanging mirrors and planning for our first workout this weekend or early next week. 
It's not so much about losing weight for us, but we want fitness to be a part of our lifestyle. We want to do it so we are healthy and to take care of our bodies. I mean don't get me wrong, I think January always lights a fire under our butts to loose ten pounds, and while it's good motivation, we want to carry it on after bikini season. We are trying to make working out as easy as possible, so a home gym was the perfect solution for us. 

Actually finding and doing service projects in our new community. We would prefer this goal to be met through church/spiritual realm and serve other people for God's will and purpose. We also love the idea of focusing some energy on local humane society efforts. Ir was something Kev and I were able to support financially back in Lexington. We are looking forward to serving our time and money to those in need, whatever capacity that may be. We plan to start actively searching out these opportunities ASAP. 

Home Improvements
I have a detailed list of the little things we plan to do each month, but we have two big ticket items this year. 
This year we want to focus on finishing our fitness area/gym in our basement in early 2014. We also plan to start revamping our semi-finished basement this summer. We plan to add a media room, bar area, a full bath and bedroom to the basement. Kev lives for this stuff and is so excited about it. I can't wait to pick out furniture and decor. We have always wanted a big comfy basement to entertain, watch the Cats play and hang out with family. Super excited! 

Being intentional with Family
This is an easy one for us because we feel like it is so important. It's something we want to do and already do pretty well. Family is key in our house. We always want to keep it a top priority to carve out time for them. We try to never go over 4-6 weeks without seeing both of our families. We started this last year, so this is really a continuation of a 2013 goal. 

Weekly Date Nights 
Also, another easy one for us. Kev and I truly enjoy spending time with each other. We like to do things together. We both try to do a great job at being interested in what the other person's interests are. Date nights occur weekly for us, at minimal. It's not even something we have to think about doing. It's natural to us. However, we want date nights to be more intentional, too. We hope to set out 1-2 hours a week with no phone, computer, etc to just be present for one another. It's at this time we don't discuss upcoming plans, finances, home to-do...nothing! Just a time for us to enjoy each others company. It can be on the couch, at a restaurant or on a walk. Whatever it may be, we want to be purposeful about scheduling it every week for each other. 

So that's a broad look at our 2014 goals. We feel like we have some goals that will be easy for us to achieve, but others that we will have to work harder on. Looking forward to a great year together!

What are some things you want to work on in 2014? 


Erin LFF said...

GREAT goals girlfriend, and I especially love your first one! Jared and I are plugged in at a church we love and get so much out of each week, but we really want to take our faith further this year. Like you said, HE is worth more of our time and energy and actions. We are getting better at doing our nightly devotionals together too! :)

Fitness is a huge one on my list personally. Trying to make this the year I get to where I want to be and can be confident in my bod!

Jordon said...

We try to have one date night a week, but we definitely do 1 unplugged night a week. Normally it is us ordering pizza and watching breaking bad, but I love every second of it!

Jill said...

I like these goals...all of em! :) Good luck sissy. We need to do better with the actual "dates." You aren't always connecting just because you're sitting in the same room doing something!

Brooke said...

Great lists - I am always so encouraged by you and Rexxy and your walk with God. So know that you are doing something right. And can we add one night a month with girlfriends and blog friends? PLEASE?

The Whitfields said...

Love your list girl and I totally relate to #1. It's so hard to not want to have all the nice things in life but I constantly remind myself that it's not about all of that because all of that will fade away and God's kingdom will last forever.

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