Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wrapping up the Weekend

Kev and I have been spending a lot of time at home on the weekends feeding our souls with a lot of the following:
TLC time
time with the doggies
time with The Good Wife season 1 on dvd
time decorating the man pad and turning it into a home
time around our new Kitchen table (post to come)
time working on DIY projects
and time together with the man up above
Life is so good!

Just a few pictures to capture our weekend at it's finest.

So we buy both of the doggies lots of toys. In fact, we have two or three of these jumbo bones around the house.
However, it never fails that they want the SAME bone to work on.
It is a constant game of cat and mouse to see who can chase who and who gets the bone.
Nine times out of 10 Uggie Sue always wins.
Bailey may or may not be a wimp be a gentleman and lets her win all the time occasionally.
As you can see, the princess does not like to share and was in dismay that Bailey was working on her bone.

The reached an agreement with our help

The weather around here has been to die for.
The house backs up to an old horse farm and I just never get tired of this view.

Kev and I attended a Toy Chest meeting on Saturday. The Toy Chest is a non profit organization that Kev and I are proud to be a part of . You can read about it here. KR is on the board of the organization and this was my first volunteer meeting. I love seeing Kev in action in meetings. He can command a room....and it is soooo hot :-). Our dear friend Ron and KR have been working their tales off to get this organization started. I can't wait to see where this thing goes.

After our meeting, we opted for the Saturday evening church service. I seriously can't imagine leaving Lex because I can't imagine ever leaving our church. We get sooo much out of it and are so blessed to have found it. Hard to believe it has been over a year since we both set foot in those doors.... and what a blessing it was.

After church, we stuffed our bellies with some seafood at Bonefish Grill. I know it's not a local lexington spot, but we due tend to be regulars there. We like to sit at the bar and chow down on bang bang shrimp, their house salad with blue cheese crumbles, baja fish tacos for me and ahi tuna sashimi for Kev. It's almost a weekly staple in our diet. I may have had to unbutton my jeans before we walked out of the door. Won't be the first time I have done that and won't be the last. This gal likes to eat!

Sunday we took a day off and just caught up on house work and some needed couch time.
There was a lot of this
And some household projects in the garage
followed by more of this
and this
and it was all greeeeat!

I live for our weekends.


Nicole said...

Love all the pictures! That looks like most of our weekends, laying around with the dog :)

Sarah said...

Hahahaha I laughed at your comment about him being soooooooo hot :) I love having low key weekends. I've been having a lot lately and I feel so refreshed! Love your vest pretty!!!!

Kate said...

I'm obsessing over your vest. And Kev looks great too! You too are going to make beautiful babies one day!!!

Katie said...

love low key weekends at home with lots of time with the hubs!!

J and A said...

Love your outfit. And the dog photos are precious. Just love them. :)

Anonymous said...

Newest follower! Love your blog! and completely obseesed with that vest! I have been on a hunt for the perfect one!

Amy Childress said...

thanks for following me!!

i love that vest u have on, i have been on a hunt for a faux fur one..
so cute!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

it goes without fail in my household too that we buy both dogs their own bone to pretend jealousy but one always wants the others even if we give it to them at the same time, silly dogs! and i love the furry vest, can you let me borrow it for a blogger meet-up i have this weekend? i have a perfect outfit i would wear it with, i promise i won't damage it :-)

Ashley said...

honestly whit.....this sounds like an awesome weekend! i'm an SO in neeed of a TLC/Puppy/DVD series weekend!

aahhh - can't get over how cute you two are! i love happy lovey couples! :)

Crissy B. said...

Bang bang shrimp is my favorite! Love that restaurant! Thanks for checking out my blog. Enjoyed reading yours!


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