Monday, January 23, 2012

He's Home

So Kevin Rex has the luxury of working from home 90 percent of the time.
I get sooooo jealous.
But in all reality, it takes A TON of self-discipline to work from home. Sure, it is nice to wake up and be in your office wearing your pajammies, but it takes major self motivation to get sh*t done. I would get too distracted with stuff around the house and a millzion other things to take my mind off of work.
He does an Ahhmazing job at it. On the days I am off and he is working from home, I listen in on some of his calls and he kicks ass at his job. He deals with people all over the country each day, and to be charismatic and command a room through technology and conference calls can not be done by just anybody.
 But I hear him do it daily :-)
His brain continuously blows my mind.  

So back to the reason for the post.
On occasion Kev must travel for work.
And on occasion he gets to go to really cool cities across the country and  sometimes I get to tag along.
And that is awesome!
Especially when he travels to sunny Florida.
Yet I have to admit, I am super selfish and hate when he is gone.
It throws mine and the doggies routine into total chaos.
The doggies are used to him being home with them and to be totally honest, I hate staying alone.
I know I need to get over it and grow up, but i am the biggest baby.
Thank goodness for little brothers who just live 20 mins down the interstate to keep me company at night.
Ok that just sounded strange.
Let's try again.
Thank goodness for the little brother who sleeps on the couch, babysits me, and keeps all the monsters away late at night.
You would think my loaded gun would do the trick.
Hey this girl ain't afraid to use it.

Now don't get me wrong, this gal loves her alone time.
When KR travels, I fill my scheduled up with gal-pal dates, bloggy catch up, complete control of the DVR, and a little pampering.
I just hate sleeping in an empty house alone.
Weird huh? I know what you're thinking...Why doesn't she stay at her palace?
Well, truth be told, it is a nightmare lugging not one, but two dogs up three flights of stairs in the freeeeezing cold for potty breaks. Plus Uggie Sue is a pure devil when it comes to steps. It hurts her lil hips.
And I also really enjoy our weekly routines together.
Ok, you get the point...I like it when KR is home.

But this little girl HATES HATES HATES IT when he is away even more than me.

Not only does she become my shadow with every step I take, but she becomes the most fussy thing on the face of this earth. She also goes into fits where she scratches her chest RAW. It's pretty much a disaster. She is totally her daddy's girl and can't function without him here. Poor thing.

Needless to say, when KR came home middle of last week we were thrilled.
These were taken moments after he walked through the door.

Ahhh life is good again for the doggies.
I know you non dog peeps may think I am crazy, but I swear it's like they know he is the head of our little family. They are soooo much more calm and restful when he is home. Plain and simple.

While distance definitely makes my heart grow fonder, it feels so great to have us all home together again.

And his favorite girls are definitely sleeping so much better now....

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Happy Monday gals and guys!


Babygirl said... hubbers works at Lex FD, so it's 24 on and 48 off. Those nights when he's gone are the worst. I completely understand the slight fear in being home alone and i'm 30!!! Glad your man is home!

J and A said...

I love that group shot. So cute!!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ugh i would love love to work from home seriously i could be working from 7am why because i wouldn't have to waste all that time getting all gussied up in the morning. and i would get to stay at home with my puppies all day long. but they might keep jumping into my lap and interrupting me.
ok how much do your pups weigh?

Sarah said...

aww you guys are so cute!!! I can't get enough! Working from home definitely takes discipline. I was homeschooled for 3 years and there were definitely moments when I wanted to play online or watch tv instead of doing homework...haha

Glad to hear your man is back! You need to let me know of a certain vacation time getting approved ;)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like he has a great job with lots of perks! There are definitely certain jobs meant for certain types of people. And you get to travel with him?! Amazing. (And to my state - Florida!) :)

Happy Monday!!

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