Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poor Bailey Boy

Today's post was supposed to be happy and about ringing in the new year. However, the last 24 hours have been a nightmare.

Back story: I took Bailey to school, aka doggy day care, on Monday. That night his school had a status update posted on facebook saying that there were a few dogs at school who had came down with a stomach bug with intense vomiting and diarrhea. Great huh? I thought what moron sends their dog to day care with a stomach bug. That is like sending your kid to school with the flu. Ugh!

Well my precious 4 legged child got the dang bug going around town.
I am so thankful KR works from home and keeps the doggies because Bailey boy started vomiting around noon yesterday and was still going strong at 4am this morning. It was just plain pitiful. Him and the way the carpet looks. KR has been such a trooper helping me every step of the way.
I didn't rush him straight to the vet yesterday because  # 1. my specific vet was off work and I am so particular when it comes to bailey (yes - i know I am one of those pet owners) and # 2 - i was making sure he was staying hydrated and thought it would eventually pass. Boy was I wrong.

Poor guy was just pitiful, pitiful, pitiful.
He literally laid on me all evening and last night just shivering.
It was heart breaking.
I felt so horrible for him.

We got up 1st thing this morning and went straight to the Vet.
He was still throwing up and having diarrhea.
By the time we got in this morning he was definitely dehydrated and they started him on IV fluids immediately.
The Vet says he probably just picked up some type of Bacterial infection. Bailey has a sensitive digestive system which tends to make things worse for him. They kept him all day today for observation and to administer fluids.

My sweet boy had to come home with an IV catheter that is all taped up with "no chew" bandages.

And he is on a strict, limited, clear liquid diet.
I never thought I would be feeding my dog chicken noodle soup, gatordae, and jello tonight.

To make things worse, he broke one of his front nails pretty bad while he was caged up at the Vet's office :-(
I have never crated Bailey. He only gets crated when boarded on the occasion when  KR and I go out of town and my parents aren't able to keep him at his country home. The vet was concerned and gave him some pain meds and I think my dog is officially on a medicated high. Bless his little heart.

He is so loopy and lethargic which she said was to be expected.

It has been an awful day. Work just made it even crappier.
I can't stand for something to be wrong with my fur baby.
If you know me at all you can imagine what a wreck I have been today.

Hoping there is no more vomiting and he keeps everything down tonight. I am crossing my fingers for a good checkout in the morning and that the catheter will be removed.
Say a lil prayer for me and my bailey boy.
(clearly I could not handle a child at this time in my life)

I sure hope tomorrow is a better day.


J and A said...

Oh no!!!! Poor Bailey. :( It breaks my heart when our pups are sick. Poor thing. I hope he gets better very soon. Hugs to Bailey and Mom from Cruz and I!

Married...with a Pup said...

Oh my gooodnesss.....definitely praying for Bailey!! My heart sank when I read this! I would be reacting the same exact way so you are definitely not crazy!

I hope he has a good night tonight and is recovery well tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

oh no!!! So sad for him but I hope (for him AND you AND your carpet) he starts feeling better soon!! xoxo

KY said...

Oh my Goodness, Whitney!! My fur baby Brutus IS my baby boy, so I 100% relate and totally felt for you and your sweet boy this entire post. What a terrible past 24 hours! I never know what I'm over reacting and when my dog really needs to go to the vet. He's been there at least once a month for the past 3 months and those bills are certainly adding up, he has a terrible ear and eye infection that refuses to go away. I don't know what I'd do if he was getting sick all through the night. Oh my heart breaks for you!!

Sidenote: Have you heard in the past that all white dogs are more susceptible to stomach issues, allergies, and many medical issues? My big Brutus is all white and as he's aging more and more issues keep popping up. I'm saying a prayer for sweet Bailey tonight and I hope that you are all able to get a restful sleep tonight.

Erin said...

Aww, poor Bailey! Hang in there- and I hope he gets better soon! I love his lil' bandage though, he is still so sweet and cute even when he's not feeling good! Hugs!!

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

aww this breaks my heart!
poor puppy!

Eesh said...

Oh no! That really bites :( I remember when my Baileah had the was torture for the both of us. I was scared crapless & he was only allowed Gatorade. I hope that Bailey gets better. Such a cutie like him doesn't deserve that.

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