Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Country Music Queen

Did ya'll know that this fine lady was supposed to come to Lexington tomorrow night?!?!

Kev bought us tickets way back when they first went on sale. Thank goodness because it is a sold out show.

While I planned on rocking my cowboy boots and  my inner most country girl to sing along with her, it won't be happening.
Major sad face.
Miranda announced today that she is rescheduling some of her tour dates due to the recent death of her father-in-law.

We got this email today
Singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert has rescheduled this weekend’s shows of her “On Fire” Tour, due to the death of her father-in-law, Dick Shelton who passed away Tuesday in Oklahoma. Miranda has rescheduled Charlotte, NC (1/19), Lexington, KY (1/20) and Greensboro, NC (1/21). Mr. Shelton, who had been in declining health for the past year, was surrounded by loved ones upon his passing.

Miranda said, “Thank you to the fans for all the support and prayers. This is a really difficult time for our family and the most important thing is being together. Tell your loved ones you love them. See you next week.”

Super sad for them :-(

I enjoy both Miranda and Blake's music and country swag.
In fact, I cant not get enough of Miranda's new album: Four The Record

My favorites are
1. Over You
2. Baggage Claim (duh!)
3. Mama's Broken Heart
 4. All kinds of Kinds

I love her older stuff too and just to name a few, here are some of my faves from previous albums,
Only Prettier
Bring Me Down
Heart like Mine
Gunpowder and Lead

I hear her shows are supposed to be amazing live.
She gets added bonus points for bring Chris Young and Jerrod Neimann to town too.
Kev and I love us some country music concerts and let's be honest, what is not to love about Miranda Lambert?

Warm wishes, thoughts, and prayers to Miranda and Blake this weekend.

Freakin love them!!!
Can't wait to see her show in February!
Gonna be a blast.


Ashley said...

Love them!!! She is toooo darn cute! That stinks about the concert being rescheduled, but under the circumstances thats understandable. :(

Erin said...

I love them both too! So sad about her FIL and the rescheduling but I'm sure fans will understand :)

Sarah said...

aw sorry you can't go tonight! I saw them both when they came to the state fair here a few years ago....I love her but I'm not a fan of Blake...sorry! I'm a fan of Crazy Ex-girlfriend :) loooove it!

Emma said...

I'm so sad about it, too!! Matt got us tickets and I was so looking forward to it!! Love them! Sad for them :(

J and A said...

I love her. That stinks she has to reschedule, but sad about her FIL.

Meghan said...

I love her music too! Baggage Claim is SO catchy! I loved Gunpowder and Lead too! I would love to see her and Blake in concert together!!

Katie said...

LOVE these two!! I saw Miranda last year in concert for the first time. That girl is non-stop singing!! :) I just went to Blake Shelton's concert in St. Louis. Soooo much fun. He defintiely puts on a good show. So sad about his dad :( I dont remember what award show it was, but it was obvious his dad was on his mind the whole time.

p.s. go to my blog I have an award for you there! :)

Lauren said...

I have tickets too and was so bummed the show is moved, but family is so much more important! She is my fave! Over You is one of my new favorite songs! I just posted on her yesterday too! I posted some of my other favorite songs too, ones that they don't play on the radio! Can[t wait for the concert!

Brooke said...

I didn't have tix....but lucked into some for the rescheduled show! YiPEE!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

She is STUNNING.. love them!
Super sads for their family. :o(

CALLIE said...

How precious are they, for real? I have been a Miranda fan since day one and you will be in for a treat at her concert! I have seen her quite a few times and she just gets better and better. Yall will have to so much fun.

Molly said...

Aww, so sad. I love them both!! I've seen her in concert three times now and love her everytime. I have noooo idea how they have so much energy for that long. Wowza.

Anonymous said...

Love them!!!

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