Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Spring Mementos

With summer in full effect (hello 90 degree KY humidity), I realized I had not got to share many of the fun memories made during the fun spring months of April, May and early June. With everything that has been going on with both of my grandmothers' health, blogging has definitely took a back seat.

I tend to be that girl that always is taking photos. I totally own it and admit it. I was this way long before smart phones and digital cameras. It goes back to high school and me dropping off my film at the local    Wal-Mart and getting not double, but TRIPLE prints. One to put in an album, one to give away, and one to frame -if it was the right shot. Weirdo? Ummm yeah, maybe!

When it comes to snapping that camera, I have always been a little crazy. My friends know to not bring their camera if I am going to be there. I will take care of it. It's just very matter of fact y'all!. Don't get me wrong, not everything needs to be documented or is documented. However, I LOVE having a hard copy of memories. Photos are very nostalgic and special to me, so I gots no shame in snapping away. Just ask Kev....errrr don't.....let's just say he has a high tolerance for my shenanigans.

Here are some photos from springtime that missed their appearance on thee bloggy

We spent lots of time with our fur children

I traveled home to watch my sweet Mammy beat the odds and recover from two heart surgeries and a broken hip. She continues to go  through rehab and will hopefully be coming home to live with my parents in a few more weeks.

Kev and I had our Mr. and Mrs. session - which i promise to share soon.
The images are perfect!

We traveled many a back roads to search for places to build/buy our dream house waaaaaay out in the country. This one would do just fine :-)

We spent most of our Memorial Weekend at UK hospital with my other grandmother, but managed to take a break over a cold brewski with friends at one of my favorite local brewerys - West Sixth. Their dead heat wheat beer is my fave!

Went to a local Legends' baseball game with some of our favorite people

I talked hubs into buying Justin Timberlake tickets! Can't for him to come to Louisville in December.

Spent mother's day with the most selfless woman I know. She continues to amaze me with her strength, faith and love that she possesses.

And was also able to spend mother's day with this Angel ---- just one week before her heart attack.

Unexpectedly, we spent a lot of time with my family this spring - both at our house and at the hospital. Although I wish the situation had not been involving my grandmothers' declining health, it was still so wonderful to have everyone together to experience all of the below.........
the many meals around the hospital cafeteria (my mom and i still reminisce about the salad bar)
 the late night coffee drinking
the hugs, tears and hand holding
getting my mother hooked on Game of Thrones
a bit of a celebratory and over-indulging dinner at Ramsey's the night they told us Granny was stable
"St. Kevin" opening our home to anybody in our family who needed a place to stay

 Family is the greatest gift and i am so happy i was able to make some very sweet spring memories this year with mine, regardless of the circumstances.
my granny had a recent set-back and is still in ICU, she's a fighter and i was so blessed to be able to soak her up this past weekend before things took a turn for the worse. funny how god tends to work in those ways. my family is hanging in there - thank you for the many thoughts and prayers many of you have sent my way and continue to do so. i sure do appreciate them.
 xoxoxoxoxoxo to you all!


Jordon said...

I just cannot get over how pretty you are!! Thinking of you and your family :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos you look amazing!

Brooke said...

Love you, girl! Keep your head up. Let me know if I can do anything for ya : ) I'm glad you got to spend some time with your grandma this past weekend.

Eesh said...

Amazing photos! Let's just say that if you're moving into that dream house, let "St. Kevin" know that I'll be moving in as well! Please & thank you ;)

Both you & your husband have a big heart and for that you will always be blessed. I'm always praying for you & your family. I value family and to see you go through all of this is heartbreaking.


WOW Gold Kaufen said...

Adore you, lady! Keep your brain upwards. Inform me if I are capable of doing anything at all for you : ) I'm happy you have to shell out a while together with your grandmother this past weekend.WOW Gold KaufenGold On Runescape

Kiki said...

Is in it wonderful when we get to spend time with our family! i will be praying for you and your family!! im glad that you make the best out of every situation! your pictures turned out great and i might just have to visit you if you buy that house! maybe go riding

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