Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Weekend Shennanies

Monday already?
I seriously LOVE the weekends, and this one was no exception.
It was pretty low key around these parts, and that's the way I like it anymore. Waking up early and sipping my coffee on the back porch, catching up on house to-dos, making breakfast for me and Kev and lounging, is my new idea of a good time.


Immediately after work Friday, Kev and I met at the arboretum to soak up some needed vitamin D and get our exercise in. After the day I had experienced, I couldn't think of a better way to release some endorphins.
We came home to a much anticipated package from the UPS man............

Yes! A.Dog.Stroller.
Our family LOVES to walk together. However, when the humid summers in Kentucky creep up on us, miss Uggie Sue just can't handle it. What better solution than a dog stroller? Genius!

Kev wasted no time throwing it together.
Uggie clearly doesn't have a clue what is about to happen.

I don't know what i love the most - the fact that it says Booyah on the front, the reflector lights or the obnoxious red flag on a pole that it came equipped with.

It some coaxing and lots of treats to get her in there, but our maiden voyage around the neighborhood was successful.

And Uggie can't have all the fun, Bailey was there every step of the way.
He didn't exactly know what to think about it on our first stroller walk, I almost ran over him several times.
Practice makes perfect....or so I hope.

I woke up on accident before 7, don't ask my why this happened, but I secretly loved it.
I loved sipping on my coffee on our back porch and listening to the birds wake up.
Our backyard makes me feel like we live way out in the country. Thank goodness for the gorgeous farm our yard backs up to, cause it sure does make me feel right at home.

Saturday morning/early afternoon I attended a baby shower for one of my closest gal pals, Katie.
Katie is expecting a baby girl, Miss Harper, at the end of August.

It was the perfect shower for momma and baby.
We sipped white wine on a gorgeous deck and watched Katie get showered with all kinds of pretties for her little princess.

It was so fun! I met a lot of really fabulous girls and made some new friends along the way. I also got to catch up with the pretty blonde above. She's a close pal from college.
Isn't Katie's vintage Lilly dress darling???

Her sister was one of the hostesses and I swear they could pass for twins.
Look at the cute cake! Baby Girl has no choice but to love all things owls, she's a future lil Chi O legacy after all :-)

After the shower, Kev had to work from home most of the afternoon. I took it upon myself to have some more vino and catch up on my dvr - a little bachelorette and real housewives will always do the trick.
We decided to spend Saturday night in with a 6 pack, Chipotle and Game of Thrones re-runs. There was nothing I loved more about it. A quiet Saturday night is one of my new favorite things on the weekend.

Somebody wanted me to stay in bed all morning/afternoon ....ahem ahem
This dog! Lord knows he loves me.
Every time I tried to get up - I swear he growled at me, but in the most playful way.
That's 94 pounds of serious love right there.

I woke up to these cutie patootties on my cell phone.
Baby brother and his adorable GF, Brittany, sent me these cute photos of the wedding they attended this weekend.
I can't beleive he is starting to go to weddings! Baby bro is growing up....tear. The groom was one of his former college football teammates. They still seem like babies to me.

Baby brother with bride and groom....ummm, can we talk about this dress people?!?!
Is it not pure perfection?
Where was it when i was saying yes to the dress. It's drop-dead gorgeous! And just wait for it.....

Look at the back of it. I seriously die.
Rachel was breathtaking!

We spent the rest of our sunday visiting Target and Fresh Market
enjoying a nice lunch together
cleaning out the garage
lovin' on the doggies
and of course, geeking out for the Game of Thrones finale.

How in the world are we going to be able to wait until 2014 for season 4??!!!?

Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!
Enjoy your week - thankfully mine is a short 3 day work week, as Kev and I plan to start celebrating my birthday early. Holy moly, I turn 29 Saturday and I am having mixed emotions as the big 3-0 keeps on creeping up. eeek.


Brooke said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Let me know about margaritas with the girls and if you are doing anything fun for your birthday : )

Eesh said...

Booyah! I think that has got to be my favorite thing about the stroller! Uggie Sue's like whoop here I come! I love your dogs. They are just so well behaved and adorable! I'm thinking of sending my Bailey to you for some more training ;)

I adore that wedding dress! She was pure perfection! Just beautiful!

...and I totally get you about a laid back weekend. My friends say that I'm boring but I'm just like nah man, I have all I need right here. The love of my life, my Bailster, a good cup of Jo & the backyard.

Have a beautiful week sugar!


Jill said...

You are not allowed any mixed emotions. Me on the other hand? I AM the 3-0 as of the following Saturday. So quitcher bellyachin ;)

Let's do some margaritas for sure for our bdays.

And your back yard backing up to a farm...I now understand maybe why you all bought that house ;) Wish we backed up to a farm instead of...another fence and someone else's yard!

Jordon said...

Oh lordy that wedding dress is GORGEOUS! PS. I am loving that stroller, she looks like a pro riding in it!

Erin said...

So many fun things in this post :) I laughed at the dog stroller- too funny, I've never heard of that! And I LOVE your backyard too... I hope in our next house we'll have some land/privacy behind us so I feel like we're a little more out in the country.

And I'm IN LOVE with that wedding dress... had I seen that, that would have been mine for my wedding day- I kid you not haha!

Anonymous said...

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Ashley said...

THAT DRESS! What a beautiful wedding dress, oh my gosh.

I have to admit, when I saw the stroller pics on instagram I definitely thought I missed some kind of announcement ;)

Brittany said...

haha I love the puppy stroller, so fun!!

Dara @ The Southern Thing said...

yummmm! Leinenkugel is the perfect summer beer!

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