Monday, June 3, 2013

Lately ......

Lately I have been super MIA in the blog-atmosphere.
Of course I hate not being able to connect with the amazing gals I have met through bloggin, but more importantly, I hate not being able to keep up with documenting mine and Kev's lives.
That's the whole reason I started blogging -
- to be able to look back month to month, or year to year, and see the growth in between
- to reminiscence over all the photos and memories made along the way
And lately, blogging has been the furthest thing from my mind.
2013 has sure came in with a bang, a very bad bang.
We started with bailey's surgery, which sucked the life out of us
- followed by mammy falling and breaking her hip, and needing a new heart valve in the process
 -followed by my granny having a massive heart attack nearly two weeks ago - and fighting for her life ever since.
I never dreamed I would have spent as much time on the 6th floor on the University of KY hospital in my life.
We spent 3 long weeks here back in March with one grandmother, and here we are again with the other.
Sometimes it's funny to see the reaction on the staff's face. Knowing they recognize us, but can't quite put their fingers on it. But here we are again, emotionally drained, exhausted and praying. Praying for things to turn around.
My sweet granny is 89 and heart is in pretty bad shape, but she is fighting. To be honest, I am still in awe that the heart attack did not take her from this world. And for that, we are thankful.
 Thankful that we get to soak her up all we can.
And that is just what I have been doing.
Working during the day, and spending my evenings by her side.
She's alert, awake and for the majority, pain free.
She's pleasantly confused at times, but i swear it is down right cute.
My favorite granny-ism so far has been her constant comments about the hospital not having indoor plumbing. Because they make her use the bedpan or a bed side commode, she swears there is no plumbing in the hospital.
I wish I had a dollar for every time she has said "can you believe a place as nice as this, doesn't have indoor plumbing???"
You just can't help but smile.
My husband has been nicknamed St. Kevin, because that is just what he has been. He has opened our home up to all of my family for weeks, cancelled our Nashville getaway to spend time with my granny, and been at our beckon call all those times in between. He has always been a supportive man, but the amount of support he has poured into my family has truly blown me away.
We are hoping sweet Granny can go home this week, to the local hospital back in Eastern KY, or with hospice care if nothing else.

Photo - Mother's Day May 2013
I have spent countless hours at the hospital....countless.
And during those hours of waiting in the ICU because we could only see her two family members at time, those hours she was under anesthesia for heart surgery, the hours of just simple waiting - i was able to keep my mind from thinking the worst by scrolling through your blogs, your pinterest pins, your instagram photos, etc. You all have been my hospital escape - so thank you. thank you for the distractions. Lord knows I have needed them!
For those of you that have emailed, texted or sent sweet thoughts via instagram - thank you! Thank you so much for taking the time to think of granny, me and my family.
Continue to pray for us.


K said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother! I know how hard it can be when someone you love isn't well and how scary it feels. Sending thoughts and prayers to your family!

Pamela said...

Aww! I am so sorry! Such a cute lady! Praying!!

Jill said...

Miss you sweet girl. Hoping for the best for your family and those you love...hugs :)

Erin said...

I've been thinking of you and your family lots girl. Know that I'm sending lots of love and hugs from Ohio.

Kelly said...

Sending prayers for your granny! Hope she gets and can go home real soon! xo

Jordon said...

Lots of prayers pretty! I hope she gets home very soon :)

Katie said...

Thinking of you and your family sweet girl! Your granny's comment about indoor plumping is so hilariously adorable!

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