Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

It's friday again....yaaaaaay! I love my three day weekends. Oh you didnt know I have fridays off? Yeah it's pretty sweeeeeet. I love this part-time work thing. 
Back to business, it's one of my favorite blog days...five on friday.

1. One of our favorite couples surprised us with an impromptu visit to Northern KY on tuesday night. We had casual date night at Flipdaddy's and it was perfection. We love Chris and Dana to pieces. So excited about our trip to Atlanta to the SEC tournament with them in March. 

2. Some new things! These adorable earrings that came in my mailbox yesterday. Did I mention they were only 6 bucks??!?! My sweet friend makes them and I am pretty sure you all should head on over to her etsy shop and check them out. More patterns to come. 

This pillow that Dana ordered for me. Sooo me!

These vests that I snagged on clearance. I swore to myself this was my last winter clothing purchase. 

3. Remember when I posted about being so excited for Luke Bryan??? Well that didn't happen. The concert was cancelled/rescheduled. Sad face. Never fear, the concert is scheduled for tomorrow night. So so so excited to see him at Rupp. 

4. I started breaking out the Spring decor this week. There is still some snow on the ground, but it was almost 65 degrees here yesterday. Bring it Spring. I am so ready to see you!!!

5. Most of you that follow me on instagram already know, but my sweet granny turned 90 last sunday. It was a very special day for our family as she has had a very difficult year with her heath. Last summer we honestly didn't think this day would have ever came. I can't wait to share the full recap next week. 

That's it for me today. Happy friday y'all!!! 

is it just me or has life been a little too busy to squeeze time in for blogging?!?! 
i do love this little space of mine to document mine and kev's LOVE it, but lately it's taking the back seat, and i am actually a-okay with it. it's just kind of dropped a little bit lower on my priority list. it comes after church time, husband time, family time, friend time, meal time, work time, workout time, house-to-do time and doggy time. and that's ok. i am just trying to embrace extra time i have day to day and not try to force time to blog....and that settles just fine with me. does that resonate with anybody else out there? :-)


Meredith said...

I'm ready to break out my spring decor asap, im holding out till March :) and those vests, so cute!

Brooke said...

Yay for a new post! You know I stalk this space : ) even if you don't have time to post, never fear, I'll send you a text to check in on you :)

Alexa said...

You know lack of blogging time resonates with me, sista! Plus, in order to have a life to blog about, you've gotta live a life! :) So happy to hear about your sweet Granny turning 90. She is precious and you're very lucky to have so many years with her!

brittany @ g squared said...

Those vests!! Where did you get them?!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

This picture of you and your Granny is one of my favorites :) Jelly of your and Dana's dinner this week, but I know jealousy is ugly so I need to squirsh that :P Wish I were getting to see you tonight or in the AM!!!!

Pamela said...

I want that pillow! LOVE IT! Your Spring decor is too cute!!

Jaz said...

I love those vests! Where did you get them?

According to Jax said...

Why do you have so many monogrammed things and I have ZERO!! I need to change that!
And never force a blog post, my dear!! Blog because YOU want to and don't do it for anyone else!! I've blogged 3 times in the last 3 months because REAL LIFE had to come first! I felt bad at first, (for my readers and sponsors), but then I realized this blog is for its on my own timeline.
So, I feel ya, sista! :)

Brooke Hamilton said...

Wait a min! Where did you get those vests on clearance?? I want them!!!!

Jordon said...

Love all of it!! Have so much fun shaking it for LB and Happy belated birthday to your sweet granny!!! My great grandmother just turned 94 and it is such a blessing to still have them!

Jess Casey said...

Yay to the vests! Boo to Luke Bryan. But hey if you wanna travel up here he's coming to Gilette Stadium in August. BOOM.

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Country as cornbread....I LOVE IT!!! Genius. ;)

Brittany said...

Cute earrings.

Hey so I know that not too long ago one of your pups had surgery and had to be kenneled for a while. My little guy just got a broken knee and needs surgery for it and I am imagining that he will have to be kenneled for about 2 months. How did you do it?? It breaks my heart and is so hard to watch him be bored out his mind and just want to run. And then I feel so bad when he has to be home alone.

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