Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3 years ago....

three years ago yesterday, Kev put a ring on it. 
three years!!?! where does the time go. i was very nostalgic yesterday. reflecting over where our relationship has been and where it's going. i thought i loved him three years ago, but that doesn't even compare to the way i love him now. 
marriage with kev is so easy. don't get me wrong, sure, we have our little fights, but always over something so small and trivial. he's easy to love. our marriage comes easy.
i am so blessed and thankful to have found him. we don't celebrate anniversaries other than our marriage anniversary. and i can't even tell you the exact date of when we started dating.......but today I just wanted to acknowledge this moment in time three years changed my life all for the better. can't wait to continue to share my life with this man. 
just a few photos to capture such an exciting time in our lives....the engagement phase. enjoy! 

you can see more engagement photos

Happy Hump Day! 


Alexa said...

Look at you, Mrs. Sassy Short Hair!! And that first picture of you is precious - you are just SO happy! Our four-year (Whaaaat?! How did that happen??) engage-iversary is next month and while we don't celebrate, I love thinking back on how downright giddy I was that day. :)

Jordon said...

You look so sweet and happy in that top picture!! I am with Alexa, your hair looks so cute & sassy short!

The Purple Front Door said...

Your engagement photos are very pretty! When we got married we did the 'country' and the 'city' theme too and I loved how they turned out! Happy engagement anniversary!

Brooke said...

I missed this post somehow! But I love your short sassy hair in these photos. Even though I love, love, love your long hair, I always think of you as being a short haired hottie!

erika said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! These pictures are so great. Your dogs are so adorable too!

I love that you wore cowboy boots for the pictures in the field! They look perfect with that white dress.

You are so blessed with your adorable family, and you have such a great attitude about marriage! Congrats girl! :)


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