Monday, February 3, 2014

Superbowl Weekend Recap

Pretty low key weekend over in our neck of the woods, just the way we like it. 

Friday, we said goodbye to our house guest :-( My gal pal, Caitlin, who had been living with us for the past month. We were sad to see her leave. She was so easy to have in our home. The doggies are gonna miss her too....bigtime. 
Kev worked from home friday and I had the day off. We spent the majority of the day in sweat pants and took it easy. Friday night we were glued to the television and finished season 2 of Breaking Bad. 


Top Left: took myself and my little 20% off coupon to Ulta for a mini shopping trip. picked up some bronzer, lip gloss, lip stick, blush and highlighter. 
Top Right: Saturday nigh - Kev and I headed to Cincy for dinner with friends before the Superbowl service at church 
Middle Left: Dinner with one of favorite NKY families at P.F. Chang's in Rookwood 
Middle Right: look at these cute boys, both were fighting over who got to sit by me at dinner. soooo sweet!!! 
Bottom Left:  We love this crazy thing called church :-) Our church has a big Superbowl of Preaching every year where the lead pastors go head to head in a preaching competition that was complete with pre-game tailgating, a halftime show, commercials and commentary. It's a big event with our church with over 20,000 people expected at our three locations (soon to be 4 locations and possibly a 5th!) 
Bottom Right: More pics from Superbowl of Preaching at church. It was our first time attending and it did not disappoint. We had so much fun. Kev and I are blessed to be hooked up with such an awesome church so early on in relocating to NKY. 

We may have slept till 10:00am...which is so not like us...but hey, that is what weekends are for. 
We made a big breakfast including pancakes, eggs, and turkey bacon and hung out around the house waiting for Super Bowl time. 
There may have been a little Breaking Bad watching.....
There may have also been some girl scout cookie eating......
And there may have been some wedding album completing....#itsabouttimeididit

Kev and I had our own little Super Bowl party of two, plus the doggies. We both made a couple of appetizers and were so excited for the game....major let down for us. We were so ready for a Peyton Manning show....and it never came. So instead, we enjoyed our BBQ chicken pizza, deviled eggs, spinach artichoke dip and caprese skewers. 
And of course they didn't play my favorite commercial until the last two minutes of the game. Budweiser stole my heart again...

That's our weekend in a nutshell. Thank goodness Monday is over :-) 


Brittany said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I love the superbowl church idea, I bet that is a lot of fun!

That commercial had been going around fb but I wanted to wait until last night to watch on TV and I seriously thought I somehow missed it since it came on so late. So adorable.

Ashleigh said...

That was one of my favorite commercials too :) & it sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Brooke said...

I worked on a photo book this weekend too! It was EXHAUSTING. And I'm so glad you've found a new church: )

Jordon said...

I think they waited to play the commercial because they wanted us to watch the entire miserable game!!!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

That game was pitiful. I am loving your hair sissy! :) Looks so good.

The Little Things said...

Love Ulta!! I just went this weekend too!! The superbowl was sad but thank goodness for parties!

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