Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday Night Change Up

Yesterday evening I was driving home from work and  DREADING going to the gym when KR sent me this text
"Come home. We will walk the dogs, change and go to a covered patio and have a beer and dinner"


No words could have made me happier in that moment.
Yesterday was a gorgeous day reaching a high of 68 degrees here in the bluegrass.
I could just hear a patio screeeeeaaaaaaming my name.
No time for a shower, I threw on a hat and went with it.

Kev got me this lightweight knit scarf our first Christmas.
It's my fave!

We headed to Harry's, a local fave in the Lexington area for a couple brews and some good food.
Beat the breaks off of cooking dinner.
Corona Light is my beverage of choice in the spring and summer months.
Couldn't help but say "Ahh" after the first sip.
KR and I really enjoy us some patio drink sipping and chowing down.

Our meal started with a crab ragoon roll, my favorite item on the menu.
(Cream cheese, crab and scallion rolled in sushi rice and tempura-fried,
topped with teriyaki and sweet chili sauce)

And in true fatty form I ordered like a man.
(literally got the exact same meal as kev...and hey that's ok)
We had Lexingtonian salads followed by a huge burger topped with cheddar cheese and bacon.
Heaven in my mouth.
I even dipped my french fried in ranch dressing people.
Goodness it was good!

So nice to change up our weekly routine.
We had some great conversation about more wedding planning and honeymoon chatter.
I swear, I can't wait to marry this man!

A Thursday night at it's finest

Happy Friday Y'all!!!


Turtles and Pearls said...

Lexingtonian salad is my favorite! Literally the best part of going to Malone's/Harry's. And the weather has been SO gorgeous..glad you and Mr. Kev got to enjoy it together!

Eesh said...

Haha! That totally beats the gym! Seems like you guys had fun. That crab ragoon roll looks delish!!! xx

Pamela said...

How fun!! The food looks delicious!!

Jessica Nicole said...

you guys are too cute for words! it shows how happy you both are. glad yall are having some down time in addition to some wedding planning! that's definitely how it should be!

The Pink Growl said...

Cute picture of you guys! I'm just below you in Knoxville, TN and the weather last night was AMAZING! 72 in Feb - I couldn't believe it. Glad you could take advantage of it.

Cassie said...

that's why they call it thirsty thursday for a reason girl!!

you two are just too cute!!

Kate said...

Aw, what a fantastic night. Truly. I love simple nights like that to break up the daily routine we all get in. And, clearly, I love that you wore a baseball hat!!!

Courtney said...

I love everything about what you ordered. Right now to the ranch dipped fries. Yes please!!

Sarah said...

I was so jealous when I saw this on twitter last night!! That sounds like such a great way to end a gorgeous day :)

Eesh said...

P.S I tagged you in a recent post hun.

Check it out:

Valerie Griffin said...

just stumbled upon your blog. SO CUTE! i'm your newest follower.

& y'all are a great looking couple :)

Emily Meyers said...

Hello! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a fun giveaway I’m having!
Hope to see you there! Thanks!

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