Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

Kev and I weren't too into the Superbowl this year. The only good things about the Super Bowl to us were
-the commercials
-the good food we made
-the half time show
-and the most important, football season is officially over and all eyes began to turn toward March madness. Hopefully that means we can watch those KY wildcats dance back into the final four...fingers crossed.

We aren't big NFL fans. However, we love us some Timmy Tebow :-) and I am partial to Peyton Manning.
We make it a tradition to make yummy snacks and apps and nest on the couch.
Our kind of Sunday!

KR helped me make some delish grub in the kitchen
Yes ladies, he helps me out in the kitchen all the time. I like to think of him as my sous chef. He does all my prep work and sometimes even the dishes.
I love it!

Making my mama's famous ham and cheese sammies. They are so good.

No matter what room we are in, the doggies are not far behind.
Uggie tends to mind her business, but Bailey is always right under our feet involved in all the action.
He is such a nosey little fur ball.

Also on the menu: buffalo chicken dip.

And 7 layer Mexican bean dip

Not gonna lie, we watched the 1st half of the game and that was about it.
We watched Madonna give it all she had in the half time show. I know people were criticizing her on twitter, but i thought she rocked it.  My mama and Madonna share the exact same birth date. Right down to the year. And although I think my mama still has it going on, it puts it in perspective how Madonna is still rocking it out. You go girl! After half time, we got sucked right back into the Good Wife season 2 on dvd. KRex and I are literally addicted. We did manage to figure out the Giants won. And if big Manning and Tebow couldn't play and win a superbowl, then I am glad little Manning won.

I know it was the Superbowl, but for us it was another night just celebrating our little family and enjoying our precious weekends. 

What did y'all do for the superbowl?


Stephanie said...

Not gonna lie...those sammiches made my mouth TOTALLY water!! THey look DE-LISH!!

Courtney said...

I love those little sammies! Mine is a cooker with me too! I love it!!

Married...with a Pup said...

Aww you two are seriously the cutest! Those sammies look so yummy! I'm not into NFL either so I enjoyed the commercials!

Leslie said...

woah y'all are too precious for words.
and the food you made has left my mouth watering!

chelsea said...

haha, of course we do, very similar posts! i would so rather watch the wildcats play! huge fan! i love your blog & i'm a new follower. follow back if you like && enter my giveaway before tomorrow at noon! can't wait to read more!

Katie said...

looks like you had a fun Superbowl Sunday! and that food looks delish!! i am not really a big NFL fan either, but any excuse for some good food and drink works for me ;)

Ashley said...

I wasn't into the SuperBowl too much this year either! Love me some Tebow! ;)

oh.em.gee Whit! Those dishes look yumo! seriously! And, you gotta a man who helps in the kitchen! What? Good one! ;)

I love the Good Wife! Great show!! I know I say this alllll this time, but you guys are super cute! lol

Jennifer Rod said...

oh those ham and cheese sammies... mouth waters. :)

Emma said...

Ah, it looks all so good! You all are adorable :)

Erin said...

Buffalo chicken dip is my biggest weakeness lol... we make it EVERY Sunday for football parties. (No wonder I've gained weight this fall/winter!!!)

Also- I'm not a Madonna fan but I thought she did great too. Like you said, she's in her 50s and up on stage still rockin it!

Maura said...

Girl all of that food looks delicious!! I agree with you too Madonna rocked it!!

Sarah said...

That food looks delicious! And I cannot believe you didn't watch the whole game!!! Come on girl....Eli Manning! gahh....he needs to be mine!

Bizi Ferguson said...

Just came across your blog and I am so glad I did. I am now following! Looks like you had fun for the game and had some yummy food!


Jessica Nicole said...

Oh my goodness those ham sandwiches are my favorite and I haven't had them in forever! My mouth is watering! That sounds like the perfect way to spend a Super Bowl! And that picture at the end is so cute.

BTW- I tagged you in a post today! Please check it out and repost if you would like! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

your reasons for watching the super bowl are the exact same reasons i watch it too. not really interested in the game this year. those sammies look like the bomb whitney. and can i say i was really sad when i read your blog last year that you and kev broke up, ugh broke my heart so i am super happy to see you two back together!!

Ashley said...

um, i drove around to a party where the host didnt answer his phone, then went to a sports bar where there was a 45 minute wait, then parted company with my friend, grabbed mcdonalds and watched it on my couch. haha...yours SOUND, LOOKS and i'm guessing TASTED much better! :)

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