Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cloud 9

Yep, I am still floating in the clouds from the recent weekend events.
If you missed Monday's post, well let's just say I still can't stop looking at my left hand.

I can't even begin to express the amount of love I have felt through bloggy comments, phonecalls, text messages, emails, facebook and tweets.
It has been overwhelming.
So thank you thank you thank you!
You gals are the best and I am loving every single sweet word you send me.

My mind is running about a million miles an hour with wedding planning thoughts.
I am sooooo just enjoying this moment and enjoy being engaged, though
sometimes it is hard not to think about it every second of every hour.

There are no real plans yet.
This biggest hump is that I have always dreamed of a fall wedding.
Something small, back home, country and rustic.
Fall is my favorite time of the year. And fall in the Mountains is so darn pretty.
However, baby brother's football schedule throws a HUGE kink in that thought.
Story of my families life.
The one weekend the team has an open weekend is in the later part of November.
Arrgggh. I just think it will be too cold for something outdoors.
I was thinking Octoberish when the leaves are at their peak of changing colors.
But, it ain't happening.
Sure, we could possibly do it on a Sunday, but it would be so hard because of the football game that would occur on the day before. And this family does not miss football games. That's the facts and I love that about us.
I still love you baby bro.

Kev and I both like the idea of a destination wedding, but that's not realistic for my grandparents.
As hard as it is for me to admit it, they aren't spring chickens.
I honestly don't think it is even a viable option for my grandfather.
And that is ok too.
I have mentioned before, I am fortunate enough to have all my grandparents that were alive when I was born still living.
It is so important for me to cater to them in order to have them part of this special, special day.

So there is the idea of waiting till the winter this year and forgoing the outdoor fall country wedding....
We could wait till 2013 and do a spring wedding when the weather gets nice again....
We could pull something small off by August before football season starts in full force....
We could still opt for something small on a Sunday afternoon. ....
There's the idea of just doing it in Vegas in a couple of weeks...haha I kid I kid!

Bottom line I am not stressing about will all work out.
If it is one thing I have learned, a marriage is about so much more than a wedding day.
Sure, it is a very special day, and i get that.'s not the foundation, it's a celebration.

The most important thing to Kevin and I is that this day be about US and our families.
Not showering our guests with the trendiest favors, loads of booze and out of this world food.
Sorry, I would rather spend thousands of dollars on me and kev then on hundreds of guests.
Ooopise...did i just write that?
Does that make me rude?? Maybe so.
There is nothing wrong with doing that. Just not our style.
And that my friends, is what makes the world go round.

So I don't care when this wedding goes down at the moment.
I just care about spending my life with an amazing man that makes me so happy.

I do know one thing is for sure and it is one thing we both agree on....Uggie and Bailey will be there in some form or fashion in a little tutu skirt and tuxedo. Possibly sedated, but still present.
Go ahead...judge me. ha!
We also agree the day will focus on the man upstairs, us, love, and family.

Sure, the planning will come.
And on that day, it will just be perfect :-)
I am still somewhere floating around up in the clouds at the moment.
Ain't nobody bringing me down right now.


Kate said...

So many decisions to make, but CLEARLY the most important one is **drumroll** To weave or not to weave??? Haha!!!! But seriously, long or short hair pretty lady?!

Sarah said...

*love* :) I don't think it's rude or selfish to wanna spend money on yourself and not hundreds of others. puhlease!! I fear I will one day become bridezilla....and I'm strangely ok with that :) You'll figure it all out, but like you said, just enjoy your time being engaged. It'll all work out like it's supposed to. xoxo

Erin said...

You're in the right state of mind girl! Just enjoy the engagement and the married life that's to come :) The wedding day SHOULD be all about you and your man and the ones who have supported you along the way. I enjoyed every second of planning because we tried to keep things simple, fun and about us. No stressing allowed-- ps WHY was I not following you on twitter yet?! I am nowwww ;)

Ashley said...

YAY!!! I did miss Monday's post! Congratulations girl!!
OK - so I had the SAME mindset but the nature of the wedding planning is stressful on some level. It doesn't have to be pull your hair out and have bridezilla melt down moments but it is stressful. Mostly because you want everything to be just so =) Enjoy being engaged! and hey - you could do it in 8 months =) I did ours in about 9 ;)

Ashley said...

awe, i'm so truly happy for you! enjoy and soak up being engaged! i love your mindset on wanting something low key, with family, friends and the man upstairs! i'm sure you will have the cutest wedding ever! i'm guessing those boots will make an apperance! haha ;)

Katie said...

Love outdoor weddings!! Our wedding was this past October. I wanted to have it outside, but didn't want to deal with the possibility of the weather not cooperating. The weather ended up being PERFECT on our day. Oh well it was still an amazing day!

I still catch myself staring at my ring and I have had it well over a year now. :)

Courtney said...

Whenever you pick, it will be perfect. And do know this- the time will FLY. I have almost been engaged a year, and seriously cant believe that. If you ever have any questions, dont hesitate to ask:)

J and A said...

No matter when or where it will be perfect! Enjoy the planning phase, it was so fun!! I love that the pups will be involved! And wearing boot? :)

Sara Palmer said...

Not stressing out? I call B.S. Ha!

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