Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lace Loving

If you follow me on twitter you know that I went wedding dress shopping yesterday :-)
Exciting stuff I tell ya.

My bestie, miss Megan, of course tagged along for all the action

(and if you are wondering...that is my sexy work outfit I wear day in and day out. Khakis and a Polo Baby)

And my Mama and my Granny made the trip too.
It meant the world to me having them both there.
Love my family!

I went into wedding dress shopping with a very open mind.
This run was just to decide on what looks I liked and what actually looked good on my bodytype.

I did not pick THEE dress, however, one thing is for sure....I am a lover of LACE!
The lace dresses just popped on me and had that "WOW" factor.
I narrowed it down to two at the bridal store I visited yesterday.
I plan on doing a couple more shopping trips before any final decisions.
I am a creature of indecisiveness so excessive dress trying on is a must for this gal.

Here are some similar looks that I feel in love with.

I am pretty  much sold on either the Vneck or strapless (more sweetheart look) necklines. The Vneck looked amazing in person. A million times better than what it looks like on the hanger.
And I can't not describe how much in love I am with the lacey look.
Ahhh I love wedding dresses!!

So while no earth shattering decisions have been made, I have a better idea of what I am looking for in the dress department.
1. Lace
2. Ivory Dress
3. Sweetheart/strapless or Vneck neckline
More shopping next friday with my mama right before we leave for Las Vegas.
Things are following into place day by day :-)


Turtles and Pearls said...

I think lace is so gorgeous and elegant...and would look beautiful on you! You are going to make a stunning bride, Whitney!

Emma said...

I am so extremely happy for you!! I love lace, too! I bet it looks gorgeous on you! Love reading all this happy stuff :) And Vegas you say?! Ah, totally jealous!

Jessica Nicole said...

I love lace.. if and when I get married and start the big dress search, what you described is exactly what I will be looking for- it is timeless and beautiful! I can't wait to see what you pick! Enjoy this exciting process :) I know your mama and grandma must be so tickled and so proud of you!

Eesh said...

I think lace is elegant & beautiful. I'm glad that you had the persons closest to you for this experience. You'll be such a beautiful bride!

Erin said...

It's funny bc I had nooooo idea I even liked lace until I started dress shopping! I'd never really envisioned a wedding dress for me so I just kept trying out 'til something worked! Lace it issss! ;)

Ps- I need help planning MY trip to Vegas. I'm making you help ;)

Beth said...

love all the choices. my friend got a lace dress for her wedding last summer and it was gorgeous. fingers crossed for you to find the dress of your dreams!

Married...with a Pup said...

This is SOOO super exciting! I absolutely love lace (obv bc I had it for my dress)! And I would say that it is a great idea to keep trying on dresses. My dress was literally the 2nd dress I tried on. I know that I wouldn't have wanted another dress but I wished I tried on more dresses for the fun of it bc it only happens once!!

J and A said...

Sooo pretty! I love lace and I totally think it suits you. :)

Courtney said...

I had a very open mind too! I ended up with a dress I would have never though i would pick. Im in LOVE with it!

Allyson said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and I am loving it! I'm getting married next year, and I haven't even started looking for dresses, but I love the ones you showed here. I am so excited to be your newest follower and read more from you. I hope you'll stop by my blog, Cupcakes and Candy Canes, sometime!


Leslie said...

I love the lace dresses! All of these are gorgeous! I'm the most indecisive person ever, so I can only imagine the excessive dress trying that is in my future.. haha! good luck!

Sara said...

I love the lace dresses!

Courtney said...

I never thought I'd like lace dresses either but mine is totally all lace and I love it! You'll be beautiful no matter what you wear!

Katie said...

I feel like lace is so perfect for your country wedding! I know you will look stunning!

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