Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughts/Things for Thursday

- We took lil Uggie Sue back to the doggie opthamologist yesterday and her eyes are 100% better. We are down to 2 drops a day vs. 4 drops a day. Her eyes have been cloudy and red for about 6 months and the pressure was rising. We were referred to a specialist in Louisville two weeks ago. The change is incredible. The vet was so impressed with her progress. She may have to stay on the drops permanently, but her eyes are so worth it. We are so thankful :)

Look how Sweet our doggies were this morning. Precious!

- On the way back from Louisville yesterday, I had a phone date with this gal. Meet Anne (my favorite lil nun)

OK, she isn't really a nun, but she did move off to big bad Texas after Transy to attend Seminary school and now works as a youth minister. Her and her hubby, Jeff (who i ADORE and is also a minister) now live thousands of miles away in the lone star state. I miss her soooooooo much and hopefully one day they will bring their ministry skills back to the Bluegrass. Anne is an angel! She has such a genuine heart and ability to lift those around her up. She makes me want to be a better person every time I am around her aura. It was great to catch up with her yesterday, and made me miss her even more. Hopefully, we will be meeting up in July when she bring her youth for a ministry trip to Appalachia. I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Anner- if you are reading this know that I love you so much!

- I am so excited for the fam to come up tomorrow. They are definitely bringing my little granny. We are spending the weekend painting and doing things around the house. My mom and I have planned a delicious country cooked meal tomorrow. The menu reads: fried chicken, new potatoes and gravy, fresh peas from the garden and my granny's cornbread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Looks like I am gonna have to hit the treadmill a little harder next week.

-My birthday plans for next week are set. I am sooooo excited. Getting my hair did on Tuesday and then dinner with my gal pals. (thanks caitlin and angie for setting everything up) Then Kevin Rex has Wednesday (my actual birthday ) planned and hasn't shared too many details. I know we are going up to Cincinnati on Wed and wont return till Thursday.I cant wait to spend a lil mini trip with him. My awesome brother is coming up to stay with the doggies. He is the best :)

my first birthday with kevin rex..we cruised to the Bahamas :)

- We celebrated one of my bestie's (angie) birthdays on Monday over a little Mexican cuisine. Angie is in dental school at UK and I got to meet some of her new friends. They were sooooo fun and adorable. I had such a great time meeting some new faces and catching up with old ones as well. Here are just a few pics:

Hope you all are having a fantastic week! Happy Thursday :)

1 comment:

Zara said...

Glad to hear the pup's doing better. It breaks my heart when doggies have health issues. :-(

I also love LOVE love birthday trips. We always try to get some kind of a trip in for our birthdays. Best excuse to travel!

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