Friday, June 3, 2011

Small town USA

TGIF! i love fridays!

Just wanted to share about a concert Kev and I attended a few weeks ago with one of our favorite couple friends. Insert Meg and Justin:

Meg and I met in 2007 when my bestest girlfriend, Katrina, introduced us to each other at the gym. Meg and I were both going to attend OT school together in the fall. We hit it off from the start. Meg is a good ole Eastern Kentucky gal raised on cornbread and taters like me hehe. 

After our first year of OT school, we took our friendship to the next level and became roommies. I LOVED our apt. Meg was the perfect roomie and not to mention she gave me weekly mani and pedis that were equal to any nail salon in Lex. She is a doll and has one of the sweetest hearts of any girl I know. We shared so many good times together (good/bad/pretty/ugly) on Cannock drive...times I will never ever forget. She is that friend you can always, always go to and know she will offer nothing but pure friendship that is incapable of being critical or judgemental.. If you cant tell already...I ADORE her! Justin and I go even farther back than megs and I . Me and Justin both grew up in Whitesburg and were in the same circle of friends. I was ecstatic when they began dating.

 A few months ago, Megan and Justin became engaged and are planning a labor day weekend wedding tucked away in the gorgeous mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I am so thankful to get to be a part of their big day. I love them both to death and I am so excited to share their next chapter with them. Meg's MOH and I are hosting the bachelorette party at my house in August....i absolutely can not wait!

So now that you have met megan and justin (look for many posts to come in the future), Look at all the fun we had at the Justin Moore concert that was here in lex at Kev's favorite venue located   in the Lexington Distillery District, home of former bourbon distilleries and warehouses. Buster's is a bar that has that "rock-n-roll" kinda feel with a concert hall. Kev has seen several bands there. We were so excited when we learned Justin Moore was playing there.

Justin Moore is a country singer with hits including: "Small Town USA", "How I Got to Be This Way," and "If Heavan Wasn't Far Away." He's pro NRA, chevy truck driving, southern raised, old school style, country crooner. We loved him!! He played for almost 2 straight hours and did some pretty darn good Bob Seger and Skynyrd covers. This guy was the real deal. If you are a country music lover you have to buy his album.
Here are some pics from the night. Good times were had by all :)

a great night!


The lead guitarist and keyboard player were both from Eastern Kentucky...check out the UK Hat

 The Justin Moore concern made me so proud that night to have southern/country roots. It was nice to share the moment with people who have the same upbringing and simply get what being from the country is all about at the heart and soul. loved every second of it!!!!

"Give me a Saturday night, my baby by my side
David Allen Coe and a six pack of lights
An old dirt road and I'll be just fine
Give me a Sunday morning that's full of grace
A simple life and I'll be okay, here in small town USA, oh yeah

I wouldn't trade one single day
Proud to say I love this place"
- Justin Moore

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Zara said...

Love Justin Moore, and LOVE Small Town USA even though my roots are in Europe my Misters Texan roots have rubbed off. :-)

Looks like you all have a great time! Good friends are a treasure not many of us have. :-)

Zara said...

Hi there!

I just saw your email, I've been slacking today, so my replay is a bit late. I wanted to email you back but you don't have your blog set up for email. If you want people to email you back on your comments you just need to go to your profile settings and add in an email. :-) Makes life much easier and you'll get a ton of replays to your comments that way! :-)

As far as cameras go it all depends on what kind of a budget you are looking at and what level of photography. I have three different point and shoots that I keep in my purse and car at all times. My love is my Canon Rebel XS, and I have two lenses I alternate with right now, one is the kit the other a tele/macro. I have my eye on a few others.

There is also a camera that I've had my eye on that is between a point and shoot and a DSLR... its the SONY Nex-5, which is awesome. It is the size of a point and shoot, and will fit in your pocket but has several different lenses so the quality of the photos is better. It'll costs you about 800 for the camera which comes with a kit lens and an additional lens.

Anywho, I can talk cameras all day. Just shoot me an email at eatshopandbemarried [at] gmail [dot] com.

I'd love to help ya out! :-)

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