Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary !

Happy Anniversary to my parents that is! 33 years ago yesterday my parents were married and continue to set an example of what a marriage should like for me and my brother. I can honestly say that I believe my parents are soul mates and each other's best friends. They have set the mold for what I want my marriage to be like. My brother and I are the people we are today because of the loving, nurturing, and supportive environment they provided us. They are the greatest role models and I am so lucky to have an amazing relationship with both of them.

Mom and Dad met at Cumberland College 30 some odd years ago. My dad was the big basketball star on campus and my precious lil mama was a majorette. Her and dad were best friends for quite some time, completely platonic. That soon all changed and after dating a mere 6 months they were married...and 33 years later... still in love. Check out the old wedding photos I found. Gotta love the blue tux my dad is sporting.

They are just as adorable now as they were then. My dad is a staggering 6 foot 9 inch giant and my little petite mom is barely 5 foot 4. She hardly comes under his armpit when she is flat footed.

This photo is still in my parents house today. I adore it!
 Now the photo below doesn't do their height difference justice. My mom is known for wearing 4 inch heels. That is definitely where I get my love for heals, wedges, and stilettos. If only we had the same size shoe...(i would have began rading the cloest at an early age) because this woman knows good shoe style :). 

My dad is the biggest kid at heart.

This weekend they moved my brother into his very first apartment....tear...he is growing up so fast and it breaks big sis' heart. Since they were in town, we of course had to celebrate their anniversary. On friday night I took the four of us out to a nice dinner to celebrate.  It was the first time just the four of us had been out to dinner in a long time. We had such a good night of just enjoying each other's company.

After dinner we went to my favorite place for desserts in Lexington...ORANGE LEAF..for frozen yogurt. DELISH!

I tear up just thinking about how important the 3 of them are to me and the impact they have on me from day to day. If I have said it once, I will say it a million more times, but my life is better everyday because they are a part of it. My mama is a true angel and has raised us to know there is nothing more important in life than family. My dad has taught me no matter what the circumstances are, my brother and I are always welcomed to "come back home." They also taught us that they will be beside of us through every inch of life cheering us on. Back in our little hometown, people often approach my parents and tell them what great kids they have raised, but the truth is is really the GREAT parents my brother and I have that makes us the lucky and blessed ones. I love them so much and I thank God above everyday for blessing me with such an incredible sense of family. Mom and Dad if you are reading this - I love you and I thank you so much for all the sacrifices you have made for me, the memories you have given me, and the hard lessons you taught me. Thank you for the support, love, affection, and devotion you continue to shower me with. And thank you most of all for the Christian home I grew up with that has gave me the tools to conquer anything in this world.

On a recent trip to Vegas with some friends, we began talking about what my "then significant other" and I loved so much about each other. We were only allowed to name one thing. His immediate answer was...I have ALWAYS loved her sense of family. It melted my lil heart, not because he said it, but that someone recgonizes how important family is to me. It was one of the greatest compliments i have ever received (regardless if it came from a boyfriend or not).

With the three of these people on my side....I can do anything. Love you guys more than anything!

Happy Saturday Everyone!


Southern Belle said...

Congratulations to your parents! That is so wonderful. Also, I love the fact that your family is so close! My little brother's about to graduate and its scary!

Married...with a Pup said...

Aww what a wonderful post!

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