Friday, August 21, 2015

Bump Update Week 35-36

Due Date: Sept 1st 
Baby Gender: IT'S A GIRL! Olivia June 

Baby Size: 
35 weeks: a coconut 
36 weeks:baby is as big as a honeydew 

Movement: movement is seriously insane. at times my belly is so lopsided and protruding that it looks like there is a lil alien in there. kev and i love to lay on the couch and watch her role side to side. she kicks me anytime i am sitting still. i tend to constantly be moving and on my feet at work during they day, so when i slow down or sit she gives me lots of kicks and jabs. i am starting to feel her getting more settled into my pelvis. there have been some kicks that have sent lightening down my legs this week and she continues to punch my bladder to keep me on my toes. 

Feeling: physically i really do feel great.....i am getting tired quicker and more often and can pretty much take a nap at any given moment. week 36 was by far the worst week i have had....not so much phsycially, but emotionally. i was a total wreck that whole week. a huge ball of stress and anxiety. we had some dog drama with bailey and that did not help my anxiety one bit. i had quite a few meltdowns and i am pretty sure my husband thought i had lost it. bless his heart...he really has been the biggest saint. 

Food Cravings: watermelon, watermelon and watermelon. also can't get enough of fresh garden veggies from my mom and dad's garden. cucumbers and fresh tomatoes have been my fave this week. 

Food Aversions: fish, still not crazy about chicken, red meat has turned me off this week

Clothes: no major changes here.....maternity jeans, maxi dresses, pre-maternity leggins and pre-maternity and maternity long tees and tanks. For work i am rocking my maternity scurbs.  Lululemon wunder under roll down pants and capris have been my go-to. At home i cant stand being clothed and I am pretty sure I have put on a show for our neighbors in my granny panties and camis. 

Stretch Marks:one or two on my boobies....sometimes they are less noticable than others. i have been slapping on stretch mark cream and bio oil and it's already started to fade. none on my belly so far. hooorrraaayyy! 

Sleep: still going to bed around 9. if i have had a nap during the day i can usually make it till ten....but staying asleep continues to be the issue.  Still waking up to pee at least 2-4 times per night. One night this week I did sleep from 10pm-4am which is the most I have slept in weeks....i woke up and sprinted to the bathroom as fast as I could though....momma had to go!!  we are back sleeping in our actual bed and that's been nice, getting up and down from the mattress on the floor was getting difficult.

constipation - i know that is probably TMI, but week 36 i had another major round of it and it was no fun.  frequent urination, fatigue, being super hormonal/moody/emotional, sciatic pain at times with her movement, heartburn has kicked back up into high gear these past two weeks, fatigue, leg cramps at night....holy cow do they hurt. being hot at all times and constantly freezing kev out of the house. 

What I Miss: i miss not being constantly tired, i miss my pre-self that was a little less hormonal and a lot less crazy lol. Also still missing sleeping through the night, my pre-preggo body, Working out, Beer, being able to bend over comfortably. 

Doctor's Appointment: now going every week....ahhhhh! had my strepp b test done at my last appointment and results were negative. my weight was stable and i had only gained a few ounces. the doc gave me props especially since it is so stinking hot. my bp and urine were also stable. doc also said that baby girl is headed down. yay!

Things that aren't my favorite: feeling like i am a crazy person at times and that i may or may not be driving my husband insane with my short fuse. also - not knowing when she is going to come. i am a planner and to know that baby girl is not on my time frame is stressful me. it's God's way of telling me he is in control. 
Also our dogs could not have more horrible timing. Bailey has decided to throw us a curve ball in the Winchester house with a nasty ear infection that has caused facial paralysis and for him to stumble around looking dunk. it has pushed me a little over the edge and i have been so worried about him. i just want him to be 100 percent before his little sister gets here. vet is hopeful it will all clear up soon. 

Best and Most Memorable Moments of this week:
Week 35
-officially finishing the to come! we are just waiting on a canvas print to be delivered
-finishing the baby registry and having all the things we need to welcome baby girl home 
-hospital bags are officially packed and ready to go....even down to the toiletries 

Week 36
-My sweet momma came to the rescue that weekend and made everything better. She helped Kev so much around the house and kept us fed and calm. Her presence is just so calming and loving in general and it is exactly what we both needed. 
-we had a lazy sunday that included vegging on the couch and taking a 2 hour nap. kev cooked us his famous homemade nachos and we tried to just enjoy each other and not think of baby-to-dos
-we installed the car seat and base
-mamaroo, swing, rock n play, bouncer, changing stations are all set up for her. we officially have everything we need for her and are patiently waiting. 

i have to take a moment to thank my husband....lord knows he has been quite the saint. I know we all think our husbands are the greatest, but mine really is. He has kept our household running during the last few weeks where I have struggled emotionally and phsyically. He has cleaned, waited on me hand and foot, cooked, done laundry, watered all my flowers, kept up with the yard work and took care of our ever aging puppies that are a full time job. He provides for and serves his family daily all while his momma is battling stage IV lung cancer. And let's be honest here....he has put up with me for nine months with some raging hormones....especially these last two weeks as my nerved are on edge from excitement and anxiety as we prepare for our baby gir.. Livi an I are the luckiest because we get to love him for the rest of our lives. I thank God for this man every day and the strength he has provided for me.  

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