Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bump Update 37 Weeks and 38 weeks


Due Date: Sept 1st 
Baby Gender: IT'S A GIRL! Olivia June 

Baby Size: week 37 Winter Melon - we are officially full term!!!!
week 38 - a pumpkin

Movement: there have been some kicks that have sent lightening down my legs this week and she continues to punch my bladder to keep me on my toes. 

Feeling: feeling anxious and so excited. I am tired during the day and at night. Work is getting harder and harder. I am not sleeping at night because I am up and down to use the bathroom and a harder time staying comfortable. I miss sleeping on my back more than anything.

Food Cravings: watermelon, apple juice, pineapple, peaches, soft serve chocolate/vanilla swirl from dairy queeen, yogurt, salads. anything cold and fresh seems to do the trick.

Food Aversions: fish, still not crazy about chicken, red meat has turned me off this week

Clothes: no major changes here.....maternity jeans, maxi dresses, pre-maternity leggins and pre-maternity and maternity long tees and tanks. For work i am rocking my maternity scurbs.  Lululemon wunder under roll down pants and capris have been my go-to. At home i cant stand being clothed and I am pretty sure I have put on a show for our neighbors in my granny panties and camis. I am refusing to by any more maternity items as we are so close....just trying to be creative in my closet.

Stretch Marks: same here none on my belly or two on my boobies....sometimes they are less noticable than others. i have been slapping on stretch mark cream and bio oil and it's already started to fade.

Sleep: very little :-( I am up and down all night to empty my bladder. also not sleeping well as my mind wonders a million miles an hour about all things baby girl.

constipation -being super hormonal/moody/emotional, sciatic pain at times with her movement, pelvic pain, fatigue, being super full super easy with meals, Braxton hicks contractions

What I Miss: i miss not being constantly tired, i miss my pre-self that was a little less hormonal and a lot less crazy lol. Also still missing sleeping through the night, my pre-preggo body, Working out, Beer, being able to bend over comfortably. 

Doctor's Appointment: week 37 was "checked" for the first time....and boy when they check you they reach straight up in there for your tonsils. doc said i was effaced some, but not dilating yet. baby girl is head down and she could feel her head immediately
week 38- no changes from the previous week and I secretly wanted to cry. come on baby girl!!!! we want to meet you so bad!

Things that aren't my favorite: 
the current situation with the doggie's health, it's getting better, but the timing could not be worse.

crotch lightening 
pelvic pain 
not sleeping
90 plus degree temps with all this KY humidity
all this nervous energy and not knowing when baby girl will make her debut

Best and Most Memorable Moments of this week:
Week 37
Celebrating Momm'as birthday with the family in Cincy. It was so nice to have them all here and such a nice distraction from all the baby nerves.

Week 38
-Date night with Kev and going to our first local high school football game
-blocking out our calendars and just taking time for the two of us and enjoying each other before baby girl gets here

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K said...

I remember being SO upset at my progress. I was a 1.5-2.0 at 38 weeks and then legit NOTHING happened. At my 40 week, we scheduled a NST and an induction for the next week. Two days later, BAM, baby! I know it's hard not to focus on the progress, but when that totally has NO indication on when she's coming! Also, you just might be the cutest pregnant lady ever! I SO did NOT look like that at 38 weeks. I more resembled the broad side of a barn! You're almost there Mama! You can do this!

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