Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bump Update Weeks 32-34

Due Date: Sept 1st 
Baby Gender: IT'S A GIRL! Olivia June 

Baby Size: 
32 weeks - size of a squash, 3.5 to 4 pounds and almost 17 inches long 
33 weeks - size of a durian, 4 to 5 pounds and 17-18 inches long 
34 weeks - size of a butternut squash, 4.2-5.8 pounds and 17.5 to 18.7 inches long 

Movement: constant kicks, rolling around and a few quick jabs to let me she is doing just fine. i can def feel her when i touch my belly. its so crazy! the visual movement blows my mind. kev and i will just look at my belly while laying on the couch and it's insane how much you can see her rolling around in there. the movement is by far my favorite thing of being pregnant. sometimes i can feel her little legs kicking away right under my ribs, and although it's a little uncomfy, momma doesn't mind them at all. the biggest change this week is the swift quicks to my bladder. holy moly! it is a quick second and lets me know immediately i better get to the ladies room asap. 

Feeling: overall, i really do feel great. pregnancy overall has been super easy. lately, however, i am definitely starting to slow down and that constant third trimester fatigue and lack of energy has kicked in...especially at 34 weeks. like i am just tired all the time and that is something i am not use to.  the kentucky humidity is really starting to take it's toll on me. i can't stand to be outside right now and i hate that....but i wanna melt if i am out there for 5 seconds and feel like i can't breathe. sleeping isn't going as well either. harder for me to get comfortable and  i am up at least 2-4 times at night to pee depending on how much water i chug close to bedtime. i am getting more anxious and i think that's to be expected too....trying to not stress out over our to-do lists. i know it will all get done at some point and it's okay if there at things to do after we bring her home. at least i keep telling myself that...believing it is a different story. the good news is that i have had no swelling and i so blessed because of it. my wedding rings still fit perfectly :-)

Food Cravings: Fresh fruit continues to be the constant at our house. I cant get enough watermelon and peaches. Anything cold....yogurt, ice cream, ice cold drinks and salad. I have been noticing that I can't eat as much as I could a couple weeks ago. I fill up super fast. 

Food Aversions: salmon and fish other than cooked sushi just aren't doing it for me right now. grilled chicken is still not my fave either 

Clothes: maternity jeans, maxi dresses, pre-maternity leggins and pre-maternity long tees and tanks. For work i am rocking my maternity scurbs.  Lululemon wunder under roll down pants and capris have been my go-to and I will be able to rock it after baby too. loose and flowy tops and dresses just aren't doing it for me and make me feel even larger....so i have been sticking to tight tank tops and my comfy Jessica Simpson maternity jeans that have a lot of stretch to them

Stretch Marks:one or two on my boobies....sometimes they are less noticable than others. i have been slapping on stretch mark cream and bio oil and it's already started to fade. none on my belly so far. hooorrraaayyy! 

Sleep: I am usually in bed by 9pm at the latest....but staying asleep is now the issue. I wake up to pee several times throughout the night and find that I have to roll side to side a lot more to stay comfortable. we have been back to sleeping on the mattress in our living room floor due to bailey's surgery and he isn't able to jump up and down on the bed. that comes to a close this week....thank goodness. getting up and down from the floor is pretty comical. 

Symptoms: increasing fatigue and tiredness.  
Constant urination, evening fatigue. Bending over is getting harder as my bump is really out front. hormonal in the evenings before bed as i lay there and tend to stress over all the stuff we still need to do. 

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night, my pre-preggo body, Working out, Beer, being able to bend over comfortably. 

Things that aren't my favorite: being more tired more frequently, continuing to watch the scale rise. i am still below the 30 pound mark but expect to reach it soon. i know she is worth every ounce, but i think it is just starting to take an emotional toll on me. 

Best and Most Memorable Moments of this week:
 Week 32
-Week 32 was a really big week!!!! We had our first baby shower and also maternity pics. My bff traveled home with me for the first time to Eastern Kentucky to celebrate our hometown baby shower. It was so special to have her there along with my lifelong friends. That weekend I was just a ball of emotions and so overwhelmed with love and support for our baby Girl. My mom totally outdid herself and i can't wait to share pics.
-the glider was finally delivered in the nursery and you can catch me or Kev just sitting in it and taking it all in in her room
Week 33 
-not my favorite week as our sweet bailey had to have surgery and i was a wreck. the good news is that he is healing great and we got the best news regarding the biopsy
-our second baby shower was thrown by my closest girlfriends in Lexington and it was so perfect. full of glitz, glam and glitter. Olivia could not be luckier to have such amazing aunts
-plantation shutters were installed in the nursery this week and they look amazing 
-finishing touches on the nursery
Week 34 
-one of our NKY friends hosted us a couples baby-q shower for all of our new friends in this area. it was so perfect!
-MD appt - my doctor told my bp and pregnancy was picture perfect and little girl is measuring according to schedule.
-putting things away in the nursery and realizing we are so close to meeting our sweet angel. 
-kevin and i just constantly talking about her and being so giddy about the upcoming changes in our lives. we can't wait for this chapter of our lives to start!!! 

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Candace said...

You look beautiful!! It is ALMOST time:)

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