Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bump Update Week 30-31

Due Date: Sept 1st 
Baby Gender: IT'S A GIRL! Olivia June 

Baby Size: 30 weeks - at our doctor appointment this week she weighed 3.5 pounds and was almost 16 inches long. she was actually measuring ahead for her weight. i hope she is a little chunky monkey. 
31 weeks - my bump app says she is as big as a pineapple....getting closer to 4 pounds and measuring 16-16.8 inches long 

Movement: constant kicks, rolling around and a few quick jabs to let me she is doing just fine. i can def feel her when i touch my belly. its so crazy! the visual movement blows my mind. kev and i will just look at my belly while laying on the couch and it's insane how much you can see her rolling around in there. the movement is by far my favorite thing of being pregnant. sometimes i can feel her little legs kicking away right under my ribs, and although it's a little uncomfy, momma doesn't mind them at all. 

Feeling: still feeling great overall! my pubic bone and pelvic pain have continued to lessen up. i am starting to get more tired in the evening and also not sleeping as well which is all to be expected in the third trimester  the days i work at the hospital are exhausting...i come home and crash, but i have good energy while i am at work. i am up at least 2-4 times at night to pee depending on how much water i chug close to bedtime. i am getting more anxious and i think that's to be expected to. anxious about birth, anxious about bringing her home, anxious about the lack of sleep, anxious about breast feeding....truly trying to not worry about tomorrow and pray every day that God keeps his hand over olivia, kev, the pups and myself as our family expands. I know we will adjust just fine.  

Food Cravings: Fresh fruit continues to be the constant at our house. I cant get enough watermelon and peaches. Also been on a big frozen lemonade kick from chick-fil-a. I have been noticing that I can't eat as much as I could a couple weeks ago. I fill up super fast. 

Food Aversions: salmon and fish other than cooked sushi just aren't doing it for me right now. 

Clothes: maternity jeans, maxi dresses, pre-maternity leggins and pre-maternity long tees and tanks. For work i am rocking my maternity scurbs. Lululemon wunder under roll down pants and capris have been my go-to and I will be able to rock it after baby too. I ordered a couple more destination maternity tanks and another pair of jeans to finish me out for the summer. 

Stretch Marks: i noticed a new pink mark at the bottom of my boobie a few weeks ago. i have been slapping on stretch mark cream and bio oil and it's already started to fade. none on my belly so far. hooorrraaayyy! 

Sleep: I am usually in bed by 9pm at the latest....but staying asleep is now the issue. I wake up to pee several times throughout the night and find that I have to roll side to side a lot more to stay comfortable. Bailey has completely abandoned me through the night and sleeps in his bed near the end of our bed. He just couldn't take the lack of room with my body pillow and the constant up and down. Ugge, however, could sleep through a hurricane. Poor Kev has about two feet of room in the bed and never gripes a gripe.  

Symptoms: thank goodness the heartburn has eased up a bit.
Constant urination, evening fatigue. Bending over is getting harder as my bump is really out front. This week at work I was sitting at my desk finishing paper work at the end of the day and I dropped my pen. I literally could not bend over to pick it up. I just couldn't reach it. It was HILARIOUS. I tend to be a little bit more moody....and i just cant control it. Kev may or may not have a nickname for the inner bitch that shows her face once a week because of the crazy hormones.  The worst was when Uggie peed on Olivia's rug in her nursery and I may or may not have had a total meltdown. Poor hubby. 

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night, Working out, Beer, being able to bend over comfortably. 

Things that aren't my favorite: more fatigued in the evenings. the constant urination. who knew one could urinate so much in one day or one night??! pregnancy insomnia shows it's ugly head at least once per week. I have also been a little bit stressed over all the to-dos, but they will get done. 

Best and Most Memorable Moments of this week:
Week 30 - seeing baby girl at our doctor appointment and getting such good news that things are going so great with her. we also re-scheduled our 34/4d scan this week and were much more successful. She stuck her tongue out at us and gave us lots of smiles and funny faces. she is so so precious to us. 

Week 31 
-my bestie, Dana, coming into town with her hubby for the 4th of July. It was so much fun to catch up with them and just have a low key holiday weekend. 
-getting excited for the upcoming showers over the next three weekends. so so so excited!
-washing Livi's clothes and getting things all set up for her in the nursery. we have a few more things to hang and just waiting on the glider to come in and the plantation shutters to be installed

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Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

You're looking great! I love your kimono in the first picture. Those are becoming my go-to's quickly!

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