Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bump Update Week 22-23

Due Date: Sept 1st

Baby Size Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Movement: yesssssss. no more flutters....these are straight up kicks. She's super active first thing in the mornings, after I eat lunch, when I get home from work and sit down around 4-430pm and at night when I am getting ready to go to bed around 930-1000pm.

Feeling: i am feeling great!! not working out like i want to, but my energy is high. The past two weeks have been the best I have felt this whole pregnancy. It's like my energy is building and building. I hope it lasts.

Food Cravings: Fresh Fruit! This week I can't keep my hands off of blackberries. I can sit down and eat a whole carton in one sitting. Gummies - all the bad for you gummies - gummy bears, gummy worms, swedish fish. Kev gives me the stink eye every time I grab a bag at the grocery. Also Fro-yo. Orange Leaf hooked me up on mother's day...8 ounces free! Holllla!

Food Aversions:
still not too partial to grilled chicken, fish hasn't really been tickling my fancy either

Clothes: maternity jeans, pre-maternity leggins and pre-maternity long tees and tanks. at work i can still fit into regular scrubs but did buy some stretchy maternity shirts mostly for length because i am constantly moving around, squatting down and bending over. I bought a size up in my lululemon yoga pants and they fit perfectly. The Wunder Under capris and roll down pants are perfect for my growing bump. The biggest challenge for me is that I dont like tight pants or shorts on my belly...can't.stand.it! As the weather has started to warm up I have been breaking out last year's maxi dresses and they all are fitting so far.

Stretch Marks: nope!!! lathering up with bert's bee mama bee lotion and bio oil. however, the lack of working out has led to some nasty cellulite on the back of my legs. i can't even talk about bathing suit season.

Sleep: oh yes and it is glorious. i am averaging about 8-9 hours a night easily. I have been waking up 1-2x to go use the bathroom...depends on how much water I chug before bedtime. My hips have been starting to get sore and I have to alternate from my left side to the right on my body pillow. That pillow has been a life saver!

Symptoms: feeling so energized, no signs of nausea, some round ligament paint - especially when I have overdid it at work. this week more pubic bone pain if I have done a lot of bending over. my face went kinda crazy this week...just some breakouts and my skin tone is a getting a little more uneven unfortunately.

What I Miss: Working out, BEER BEER and BEER. A cold IPA has never sounded better. I also miss runny eggs and raw sushi.

Things that aren't my favorite: feeling frumpy, cellulite...ewwwwwwww. not being able to have a cold beer or glass of wine with Kev on the back deck. Sweet tea in a mason jar or water with lemon will just have to do this summer.

Best and Most Memorable Moments this week 

Week 22
*Purchasing all her nursery furniture
*Celebrating Britany's birthday and her family being in town from California
*My brother's face when he saw my bump after not seeing me for about a week and a half
*Finally "poppin"and actually having a baby bump
*sleeping in the living room on the pallet again...bailey boy had to have a small surgery and isnt allowed to jump on the bed for two weeks.

Week 23
*mother's day- this will get it's own post. Kev spoiled me rotten and made me feel so so special
*planting all our spring flowers
*telling our neighbors we are expecting and them noticing my bump
*getting the baby furniture delivered and entering full on nesting mode
*getting super excited for our upcoming baby moon at the end of the month 

22 weeks 3 days 


Erin LFF said...

You're such a cutie, Whitney!! I can't wait to see that bump in person :)

jax said...

That cellulite has nothing to do with not working out! just another wonderful thing about pregnancy!!! I'm hoping mine goes away with breastfeeding!!

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