Friday, June 12, 2015

Bump Update Week 24-26

Due Date: Sept 1st 
Baby Size Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Movement: yesssssss. no more flutters....these are straight up kicks, punches and karate chops. She's super active anytime I take a moment to sit down. I think she loves me buzzing around all day. Kev feels her on the regular and it blows his mind how much stronger the kicks are. The movement is my favorite part of being pregnant. It always reminds me of how safe and sound she is. This may sound super selfish, but I also love that it's just her and I that have this bond right now. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for her to experience her daddy's love too, but I love how special it is between just her and I  right now.

Feeling: still feeling great...bedtime is slowly getting a wee bit earlier. especially on the days i do a lot.

Food Cravings: Fresh Fruit! It's insane the amount of fruit I consume on a weekly basis. Kev is always being sent to the grocery on his way home to pick up watermelon or blackberries. I have also been craving a lot of fresh, raw veggies. So thankful to be preggo during the summertime when all this yumminess is in season. Also sour candy and yellow mustard on everything!!!

Food Aversions: nothing really over the past two-three weeks. 

Clothes: maternity jeans, pre-maternity leggins and pre-maternity long tees and tanks. at work i can still fit into regular scrubs but did buy some stretchy maternity shirts mostly for length because i am constantly moving around, squatting down and bending over. I bought a size up in my lululemon yoga pants and they fit perfectly. Also loving maxi dresses. 

Stretch Marks: nope!!! lathering up with bert's bee mama bee lotion and bio oil. however, the lack of working out has led to some nasty cellulite on the back of my legs. i can't even talk about bathing suit season.

Sleep: going to sleep is no issues. i am out like a light as soon as my head hits the pillow. I have been waking up 1-2x to go use the bathroom...depends on how much water I chug before bedtime. My hips have been starting to get sore and I have to alternate from my left side to the right on my body pillow. That pillow has been a life saver! Week 26 - I started waking up like clockwork between 5-6 and struggle to go back to sleep. I get so much on my mind about baby girl. So much excitement and anxiety all rolled into one.

Symptoms:hold heartburn!!! it's insane. i truly think i could breathe fire at any moment. also snissing or peeing when you sneeze. sorry for the TMI. i think at week 25 I had my first braxton hicks contraction, but haven't had any since. my whole stomach just tightened up in this crazy knot and i just took a few deep breaths and it went away. it freaked me out for a second.
(symphysis pubic dysfunction) SPD - it's the real deal. I feel like i have walked right into a corner and banged my pubic bone hard against it. it feels so bruised. the doctor mentioned it may get worse and i could potentially need physical therapy....ugh.

What I Miss: Working out, Beer, I also miss runny eggs and raw sushi. Not gonna lie - i inhaled not one, but two cold cut turkey sandwhiches on a lunch break at the beach. it was dammmmn good too. Not being able to drink with Kev on the babymoon was tough. we love to drink good craft beer together. I had a couple of non-alcholic ones that got me through thankfully.

Things that aren't my favorite: cellulite...ewwwwwwww. not being able to have a cold beer or glass of wine with Kev on the back deck. lack of energy in the evenings. the pain in my pelvis/pubic bone aka SPD.

Best and Most Memorable Moments this week  

Week 24
-checking in on our sweet girl at the doctor. learning she is right on schedule and everything looks and sounds great
-passing my glucose test! hooooorrrrrrraaaaay
-learning about two other pregnancies so close and dear to my heart
-scheduling maternity pics 
-my family (mom, dad, baby brother and britty) all being in town and feeling her kick around in my belly
-kev being able to see her kick while we lay together on the couch 

Week 25
- ending this week with the start of our babymoon
-traveling home to Eastern KY and my grandmother and extended family seeing my bump for the first time
-the bump experienced the first bikini of the summer
-feeling her hiccup for the first time and them lasting for what felt like forever 
-ordering baby bedding.....hardest decision ever, but super excited that it is coming together. 
-spending memorial day weekend on the lake with my family 

Week 26 
-all things babymoon!!!
-loved being pregnant at the beach and letting my bump hang out for all the world to see
-dressing the's turned into my favorite accessory 
- meeting lots of momma's or momma's-to-be on the babymoon
-strangers recognizing I am pregnant - made me smile ear to ear
-making our strategic Operation Baby-to-do list on poster board together. kev and i are total nerds and planners
-laying with kev on the couch and his hand on my belly feeling her move so much more regularly is my favorite part of the day

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