Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bump update: Weeks 20-21

Due Date: Sept 1st 

Baby Size Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Movement: yesssssss. no more flutters....these are straight up kicks. Kev felt baby girl kick for the first time during week 20. it was super special.

Feeling: i am feeling great!! not working out like i want to, but my energy is high 

Food Cravings: anything sweet, fresh veggies and ranch dip, salads from the whole foods bar, fruit, and steak 

Food Aversions: 
still not to partial to grilled chicken

Clothes: maternity jeans, pre-maternity leggins and long tees and tanks. at work i can still fit into regular scrubs but did buy some stretchy maternity shirts mostly for length because i am constantly moving around, squatting down and bending over. after work you can find me in my soft Victoria's Secret cotton jammies. i have started to wear holes in them....oopsie 

Stretch Marks: nope!!! lathering up with bert's bee mama bee lotion and bio oil 

Sleep: oh yes and it is glorious. i am averaging about 8-9 hours a night easily 

Symptoms: feeling so energized, no signs of nausea, some round ligament paint - especially when I have overdid it at work 

What I Miss: BEER BEER and BEER. A cold IPA has never sounded better. Kev and I did stumble upon an amazing German non-alcoholic beer that totally hit the spot for me. I never thought I would miss alcohol like I do. Mocktails have been my friend at restaurants. I also miss runny eggs and raw sushi. 

Things that aren't my favorite:  feeling frumpy and fat even though i have only gained about 8 pounds. it's just been weird for me emotionally to let go of "my" body image of what i think i should look like. I am truly trying to embrace every ounce, but this muffin top thing is still hard to get used to. I feel like I am at the stage where sometimes I look pregnant and sometimes I look like I had too many doughnuts.  

Best Moments: 
*Kev feeling baby girl kick. I have been feeling flutters and kicks for a couple of weeks, but the first time he felt her was so special to me.
*Our 20 week ultrasound going perfect and seeing all her tiny organs. 
*Deciding on a first name for our sweet Girl

Memorable Moments This Week: 
*The look on Kev's face the first time he really felt her move. Priceless! 
*picking out things for the nursery and shopping for baby girl
*going a little crazy on ETSY while kev was away on work 
*the crazy Lilly for Target sale..the sweetest lady gave me two pairs of shorts for baby girl that I purchased. they were completely sold out by the time I arrived and she handed them to me as I was getting ready to leave and told me my little girl should have them. 

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Pamela said...

aw love that she gave those Lily shorts! so sweet!

Erin LFF said...

You are so SO CUTE Whitney!! :) I'm glad you are feeling good and little miss is growing right on schedule!

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