Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Our thanksgiving was fabulous and full of love, family and of course food. 
This technically was our first thanksgiving as hubby and wifey with our families....last year we spent thanksgiving in St. Lucia on our honeymoon. 
Back on track here..... we got a late start to our travels due to my job in healthcare that never acknowledges the holiday season....arrrgh, but headed to Kev's parents' house Thursday afternoon. 
We spent Thursday evening with his family and woke up early Friday morning to head to Eastern KY to my momma and daddy's house. 

Thanksgiving at my parents has always been super laid back and it's usually just my nuclear family - me, momma, daddy, kev, baby brother and our grandmothers. It's one of my favorite holidays. There is hardly any stress, we just stuff ourselves to the point of elastic sweat pants and sit around the living room fire. Heaven! 

This thanksgiving was special because we are so thankful for my grandmothers' health. It's been quite the year for them and we are so blessed to have more time with them. Although I know our future holidays with them are limited, especially my sweet granny who is approaching 90, I tired to cherish every second with them. They are pretty special ladies in my world.  

Here are scenes from our weekend:  we spent a lot of time together doing talking Christmas lists and plans, watching the Hunger Games for the first time,  family trip to the movies (including sweet Mammy) to see Catching Fire, playing with the doggies (all FOUR of them) and spending time on the couch doing absolutely nothing. It was a great visit and a perfect thanksgiving. 

So thankful for family! 

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