Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas Recap 2013

Christmas is always over the top for my family. Always has been...always will be. Kev says my family does Christmas on steroids. I am not just talking about presents, but talking about the amount of thought and joy we put into such a special holiday, as well as the traditions we have established and continue each year.
My momma and daddy have always instilled in my brother and I what Christmas is truly all about...the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We give all thanks to God for the amazing lives we live. Always reflecting more intently this time of year on his grace and blessings he pours upon us. I find myself most at peace at Christmas time, as we truly do not deserve his love and mercy. 

This year was a bit more special because my two grandmothers are alive and doing well. This was something my family did not expect as they have struggled with their health almost the entire year of 2013. Having them together with all of our family was such a blessing. 
The time I get to spend with my family at Christmas is greater than any gift I could ever receive. This year was so fulfilling. I thank God for blessing me so abundantly with so much love in my life. 
How we spent Christmas this year............
I was lucky to have almost an entire week off this year for some much needed Christmas vacay. That just does not happen in the healthcare realm. I have never had more than a day or two off in 5 years of working in the healthcare industry for Christmas.
Kev and I surprised my parents by heading home earlier than expected. We loaded up our cars Monday after work, and didn't mention a peep that we were headed home until we sent this this video......

excuse the no makeup and lack of fixing my hair

followed by an immediate facetime call ...and i opened the call to find momma, daddy and my brother jumping up and down. that melted my heart right then and there!

and then she sent us this....and i about died of laughter

My momma has always went above and beyond with her Christmas cheer. Her whole house completely transforms into a winter wonderland ...down to the soap dispensers and dish towels. I wonder where i get it from....hhhhmmmm. She is so into Christmas traditions. She bakes and bakes hundreds of yummy Christmas goodies and cooks an elaborate Christmas Eve meal for all of my extended family. She is also known for going a little overboard on gifts for her family, neighbors and friends. My dad has learned to let it go.... haha! 
But momma isn't the only one into the holidays.....you can find my dad on Christmas eve smoking and baking his famous "meats" for family and friends in their small community. His smoked ham, turkey and pork tenderloin are locally famous...tis true. He is also known for last minute Christmas shopping that he usually talks my brother into doing for him. 

Christmas Eve is my family's big event. It has always been at our house as as long as I can remember. Our family is about to outgrow the living room. We stuff ourselves silly, pass around a little "shine" (compliments of my uncles .....aka moonshine for you non eastern-kentuckians) and open gifts. It's just so much more fun when you have little ones in the mix, and are able to see the holiday through their eyes. 

After our family leaves, my brother, momma, daddy, KR  and moi....all open our gifts from each other. This is my favorite part because it's just us. We change into our pajamas and usually eat a second round of dessert and open our presents one by one. I think we got a little carried away this year....

Christmas Day is spent in our pajamas playing with our goodies and eating left overs. We still wake up to gifts from Santa .....and i still get a holiday Barbie every.single.year. (true story - i have them all but the first thanks to Santa...who insists on continuing this tradition...ahem ahem. i secretly love it!) My momma will whip up some finger foods and we take it easy. 

We then traveled to KR's parents' house and spent Christmas time with them. We gifted his parents with an ipad this year and they were so excited! 

The weekend after Christmas my parents came up to NKY for a little extended vacay of their own. My parents continue to work full time (thank goodness retirement is just around the corner!!!), and  are taking care of both of their mothers full time. It's been quite a year for them having one grandmother live with them permanently, and the other next door requiring 24/7 care split between family and paid caregivers. So we made arrangements for someone to be with the grannies so they could have a little down time of their own. Just what the doctor had ordered for them.
Kev and I spent the weekend taking them anywhere they wanted to go ...and doing whatever they wanted. 

That consisted of shopping
going to the Casino
burgers and beer at Flipdaddy's
introducing my dad to Jersey Mike's for the first time 
watching UK beat Louisville!!!! GO BIG BLUE!
Movies on the couch
more left overs 
checking out the new Field and Stream store
dropping my baby brother off at the airport and sending him to California for the rest of his break to be with his sweet gf who we missed so much at Christmas 
and lunch at Findlay market 

Needless to say...i am on a total Christmas hangover and had the hardest time going back to work yesterday. Kev and I neither one wanted it to end. We were so happy to spend so much time with family this holiday season. 
It was an amazing Christmas and we are blessed beyond words.

Happy New Year's Eve Friends!  


Meredith said...

I love the Christmas overload, the more the merrier for food, family, and decorations!

brittany @ g squared said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. LOVE Findlay Market! Glad you're enjoying the city :)

Pamela said...

Awww what a wonderful time!! So fun that your family was able to come visit yall too!

Brittany said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas!! Happy new year lady

Jill said...

You do such a good job getting your family in on the picture-takin. Needless to say...my shining moment was getting the group pic from Christmas! haha :)

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