Sunday, September 11, 2011

a country girl and boy wedding

Last labor day weekend, I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in the ultimate country/southern wedding. You may remember Megan and Justin from one of my very first posts here. I was super emotional through the whole weekend. Don't ask me why...maybe because I am a hopeless romantic, maybe because I am lonely, maybe because my emotions have been messed with, or maybe it was because I simple love these two birds soo sooo sooo very much.

WARNING::: SAP/SMUSH/EMOTIONAL/LOVEY DOVEY/MAY MAKE YOU GAG A LIL ALERT!!!! - dont say i didnt warn ya...wink wink.

You may remember that I went to high school with Justin. We grew up together in Eastern Kentucky and were raised on the same type of love, cornbread and taters, faith, and values that are a product of an Appalachian raisin'. He is one of my oldest and closet guy friends. He knows more about me than some of my best gal pals and i will always cherish the thousands of memories we were able to make years ago including friday night football games and post game parties, trips to the bootlegger (sorry mom if you are reading this), sneaking into the Richmond bar scene when we were way too young, a trip to pikeveille involving wedding dresses, an emergency stop and text messages at a motel on i-75, summers on the lake, and the list goes on and on. Regardless, I know I could truly call on him for anything in this entire world. Megan found herself a keeper and a good ole country boy at heart.

And then of course, there is the bride, who asked me to be a part of their special day. I cant put into words how much this girl's friendship means to me. It has been in the past 2-3 months that I have truly realized what an angel I have in my life. She has kept me grounded through the good, bad, ugly, and pretty. She has dropped everything at the drop of a hat for me, she has picked me up when i thought i could never get up, she has made me smile, she has made me laugh, she has held my hand and watch me cry, she has listened to me over and over again, she has been a rock for me at times I needed it the most! I love you Meg and I am so so so happy for you . You deserve all of this and then some. :-)

I think my emotions got the best of me last weekend also due to the fact that since the crazy events of this summer, Megan and Justin have truly taken me under their wing. They always make me feel welcomed and are always shoulders to cry on. They never make me feel weird about being their "permanent third wheel". They have both shown me the amazing value in true friendship. I could never re-pay them for being so steady when my world was falling apart. From the bottom of my heart, I love you both so much.Your wedding day was so perfect. So full of love. So RIGHT! I know it was everything the both of you wanted. I am so fortunate to watch every second of it.

I mean this wedding left this country girl homesick...BIGTIME!!! Megan and Justin were able to embrace everything that makes Eastern Kentucky so special to us and reflect it in their big day. It was so charming and personable. It made me want to move back into the heart of the mountains and just soak up it all up.
 This wedding wasnt about glitz and glam, spending tons of money on foolishness, or keeping up with jones' was simply about two people who love each other and two families merging as one. It was about what was most important to the bride and groom: family and love. Shouldn't that be what every wedding is about???

It was picture perfect. Take a look for yourself.

Rehearsal Dinner at Meg's Parents....who live in my version of freakin paradise :-)

Megan's Daddy built this bridge for the big day

This Banjo Player stole my heart. He has played at the White House with Willy Nelson and was also in the movie Coal Miner's Daughter. He could flat out play

Just a pickin' and a singin'

I grew up with these boys and have gotten into my fair share of trouble with them back in the day. Sooo good to see that they are still close friends.

Last night as a single lady

The BIG DAY!!!

Gettin' ready for the big day

Her dress, her mama's wedding dress (that she would change into later in the night, and her daddy's boots)

We had such a great weekend together

First time her daddy saw her

She was absolutely stunning!

Such a lil Southern Belle

Me with Mom and Daddy - love them so very much

It was so so pretty and so so fun! After the wedding and reception....the real party started. Which included a wardrobe change for the bride, a bonfire, cowboy boots, and SMORES. It was fabulous!

Miss Megan changed into her mother's wedding dress that was worn years ago. It was just as gorgeous this day as it was years ago.


sippin out of a mason jar and loving my cowboy boots....this was my kinda party

Congratulations Mr and Mrs. C. I love you both and had the best time celebrating your big day.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely wedding ;)

J and A said...

What a sweet post. And amazing weddding. LOVE your dress, that bridge and tose cute signs! :) So fun!

lindsaycouch.blogspot said...

looks like a beautiful day! I love, love that they had mason jars as cups. This is a must-have for my big day....whenever that rolls around.ha!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

love the pictures! Looks like a great time! :)


Nicole said...

that looks amazing! Love the bridesmaid dresses.

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