Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bailey's Big Day

I know, I know…I am a crazy dog owner. I don’t dress my dog up in child’s clothing, however I do take him to see Santa clause
Exhibit A:

Buy him birthday cakes from the dog Barkery
Exhibit B:

Bought a king size bed so we both will have plenty of room. Hey, my dog is nearly 100 pounds. He takes up a lot of space people!
Exhibit C

But today was a special day for my 4 legged child and I. Back story: KR worked from home and was able to stay home with the doggies during the day. The got to play and potty as frequently as they pleased. Clearly that isn’t happening anymore, duh. I totally understand that my Bailey boy is a dog, but I have struggled leaving him locked up in my lil palace all day long while I am at work. It literally breaks my heart L . I hate it! He is home all day alone and when I get home from work, I feel awful about leaving him to run errands, go to the darn gym, etc. Bailey and I do go to the dog park on a regular basis, however with the stupid heat wave and fabulous KY humidity (a lil sacrasm if you will), we just haven’t been able to go. Boxers are very high energy and hyperactive dogs. He turned 5 years old in April and still plays like a giant puppy. I have wanted to take him to doggy day care for a while, but most places don’t open till 7, and I start seeing my first patient at the hospital at 7am pronto. I usually get there by 645am. I even took advice from our Vet about looking into a doggy nanny. Who knew there was such a thing?? I have been a wreck over the whole situation and after constant debates on what to do, a ray of sunshine came beaming through.

Bailey and I were at the park last Sunday and there was a new sign hanging on one of the fences advertising Dogtown. The sign said something along the lines of ….

We offer supervised cage-free group play in downtown Lexington!
Our indoor and outdoor play areas (with grass and mulch, not concrete!) allow your dog to run and play with friends all day

Perfect! I thought to myself, but I already thought in my head that this sounded to good to be true. I also doubted they would be open before 7 am. They are also located very close to the hospital which would be mega convenient. Well what the heck, I at least decided I would give them a call. The guy answered the phone and I immediately asked what their hours were. He replied “630am-630pm.”

I said “excuse me…well what is the earliest I can drop him off”
and he replied “ 630am ”

I almost peed my pants a little. We chatted and he agreed to let me bring Bailey Boy in for an interview this morning bright and early at 630 am

Of course my bailey boy passed with flying colors.

We got there and he did a lil meet and greet and sniffy sniff of several dogs that had already arrived for the day. Bailey is super friendly and gets along so well with other dogs. I have had him in a park since he was 6 months old and has always been mr. social butterfly. Doesn’t meet a stranger…dog or human. He is such a ham!

I was so proud of him today. We did all the paperwork and I got all the details and overall, felt really good about our “trial run” today. Then my bailey boy proved what a mama’s boy he is. I left him in the play area and he started crying a lil bit L . I think he was just whining around because he was in an unfamiliar environment and all.


The owner was great. He told me to feel free and call and check on bailey. I think he could tell I am one of those crazy think my dog is a real person type of dog owners.

I felt like a mommy dropping her baby off to kindergarten. I know…I am such a nerd. And then I called twice before lunchtime to check on him. Bigger nerd. The owner said he was doing GREAT. My heart was thrilled.

I picked him after work. I got to peak in without him seeing me when I got there and he was living it up with all the other doggies. It was a great setup. They have an indoor and outdoor area. Clearly they have been inside due to all the excessive heat. The only time the dog is caged is for meals to avoid food aggression. It is a win -win for me. He is entertained and well taken care of during the day, it is very affordable, he gets to be with other dogs, and he gets plenty of exercise. The owner’s first words to me upon pickup were “he played so hard.” Boy did he! I got home and my lil bailey boy has not stopped sleeping. He is all tuckered out and just exhausted. I am so pleased with my experience there today. And Bailey boy is definitely going to be a regular and quite the socialite at dog town. So excited for him!
Mission Accomplished!
I got home and got mr. bailey boy settled and he passed out on his spot of the couch asap. I put on my bikini, cracked open a Stella, grabbed my solo cup, and headed to the pool to tan my buns for an hour or two all my myself…it was MARVELOUS. I called my brother on the way down to the pool. He said “sis, you seem so happy.” I replied, “Bub, I am. And I am just in a really good place.” That I am! It was the perfect way to unwind from this week. The even better news is that I don’t have to work tomorrow and get to spend the weekend with my awesome gal pals. Another girls night is in store, along with skinny girl ritas poolside, and a lil shopping. Cant wait!

One other tidbit, I went to a movie tonight with my besties. We saw Crazy Stupid Love. I enjoyed it…typical chick flick/romantic comedy. I just have one question…when did Ryan Gosling become so freakin hott? Like out of control, makes my teeth sweat, steamy, smoking HOTTT. Ladies, just go see it for the eye candy. I mean seriously?!?!
Also, just wanted to continue to say thanks from the outpouring of love, encouragement, and support all of you have given me. This is exactly why I love blogging so much! I am so excited about all of my new followers and all the amazing comments. And a big shout out to my girl, Kate for sending me so much love. ADORE her! I am working on getting back to every single one of you.  

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Just popped over from Kate's blog and think you are just a dear. Excited to catch up on your journey!

Brunette & Blessed said...

I'm so glad you found a play place for your puppy! that is awesome!

Whitney said...

My doggie loves the Barkery. We haven't got a cake for him yet, but I'm sure I will be able to talk the hubby into it. This weather we have been having in Kentucky is unreal. It is soooo humid out. I hate going outside. I feel bad leaving my doggie in his crate for the majority of the day. He is a lab mix and all he wants to do is play.

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

What a handsome boy! I have a boy boxer too! They are the best dogs and I couldn't imagine having any other kind of dog. I'm glad you found a good place for him. I wish I could take mine to the dog park or play place like yours but mine has dog aggression issues. :-/


Kristen said...

Just saw Crazy, Stupid Love...have had a crush on Ryan since the Notebook(not in Lars & the Real Girl!!!) and this movie just reaffirmed it!

Ashley said...

I love Ryan Gossling, he is so hot and I have been obsessed with him since the Notebook .. I want to see that movie :)

Nicole said...

your puppy is adorable. I'm trying to think of a good costume to dress mine up for Halloween. :)

erica marie said...

Aww he is so adorable!!

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