Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life in the Hotel

After packing up our house in less than a week, Kev and I setup shop at the Residence Inn for a long two weeks with the doggies. And while I would much rather spend our Marriott points on a beach vacay, we spent them in Lexington. Waaahhhh

Now don't get me wrong, the first few days of hotel living were great. Who doesn't love clean linens, somebody picking up after you and free breakfast???
This girl sure does! 

However, it got old really fast.....really fast. Especially when we had to always schedule room service as they dogs needed to be out of the room. And room service hours were usually 730-3ish every day. So I could either be late for work, or try to leave work early.....total headache.
Kev also started his new job during this time....in Cincinnati. Bless his heart, a 1.5 hour commute at 530am stinks. He starts his workday at 7am which is probably normal for a lot of people. Let's just remember Kev has worked for 5 years remotely and was able to walk downstairs in our home to his office, in his pajamas if he choose, and never before 8am. 
So this was quite the adjustment for him, but of course he adjusted super fast and we made it work. The 445 wake up calls for me and the doggies were the pits. 
One morning I swear Bailey hid under the covers with me. 

Oh and let me not forget about how bad sharing a single vanity sink was - i believe in not even sharing a bathroom haha.....let alone one sink.

Here is what life in the hotel looked like ......hotel living was for the dogs ha! 

Bailey got used to our bed very fast.....

While Uggie Sue preferred the couch ....

Can we talk about how I had a homemade waffle every morning for nearly two weeks? And a couple pounds added to my thighs.....The waffle maker was always steaming hot with a little batter machine right next to it. The hotel employees could see me coming a mile away. It got to the point they would ask if I was having a waffle this morning? Hilarious. The free waffles and coffee were probably my favorite things in those two weeks...tis true so don't judge. 

And we found ways to entertain ourselves....

After two weeks, we closed on our new home! Yay! But did not move right in :-(
Kev and I decided to schedule painting, new carpet and hardwood floor sanding/re-staining before we moved in. Did it stink? Yes! But so worth the wait!

So instead of moving into our new home after closing, back to the hotel we went but this time in Northern KY. I got to suck it up and do the commute for my last three days of work. 

So close to moving into our new home....and we are just obsessed with it! 


Jordon said...

This must have been a zoo! Sharing a sink? Never in a million years!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Your dogs are sooo adorable!!

I couldn't imagine being in a hotel room with mine for two weeks. They would drive me crazy lol

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