Monday, June 25, 2012

Girls Night Out and Girls Day In

Sometimes you just need some time spent with gal pals.
Not just any gal pals...long lost college girlfriends who spent 4 of the best years of your life right beside you.

KR was outta town for a work trip one weekend and I decided to have some of my college besties up for some fun. Miss Sara and my little Anne came to spend the night and keep me company. What good company it was.

We sipped on some drinks and made our way downtown for wine and pizza at Grey Goose. They have one of my favorite patio's in Lexington. Of course this did not happen without me breaking out my tripod first. Standard.

We split an appetizer, demolished a pizza and caught up over some vino.
What was supposed to be quiet night on the town, turned into us channeling our inner 21 year old attitude and we decided we could handle hitting up the bar scene. Not our smartest idea considering there was a loss of not one, but two debit carsd. We also left a cell phone in the cab. It was the necessary call to order cheese sticks on the way home that we can blame that one on.  OOPSIE! Now don't worry, all personal belongings were returned to their rightful owner the next day. Thank goodness!!

The next day was probably my favorite part. We had originally planned on going to Keeneland since the Spring meet was still running strong. However, the weather did not cooperate that day and we felt the need to stay indoors and soak each other up.
We literally all three piled up into my king size bed, ordered Chinese food and watched season one of Sex and The City. We may or may not have even ate the Chinese food in bed. It was a perfect lazy Saturday!

Anner brought her scrapbooks from college up for a trip down memory lane.
What a trip it was.

And can we just talk about how many fraternity functions we attended that had a theme with the word "ho" involved. I think we might have been some serious skanks for about 5 seconds. hahaha, but I know we sure had a good time while doing it. Sorry Mom!

It had been way too long since the three of use had hung out together.
I think it was safe to say we made up for lost time.

Sara and Anner - i love you two to pieces and every time I think about that weekend I get the biggest smile on my face. I can't believe I am just now blogging about it. You can blame it on my wedding crazed mind.
Can we do this again soon??? 

Ahhh...what a good weekend!


Erin said...

What a fun darn weekend! Makes me miss my college girlies sooo so much! Why can't we all stay in the same 30-mile radius after college?!

I cracked up at all the 'ho' functions you mentioned-- sounds like college all right!

Sara Palmer said...

Love you too, Wheat!!! That was the cutest blog! We MUST have another lazy girls weekend again soon. It really was exactly what we needed!

Pamela said...

AWW how fun!!

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