Monday, June 4, 2012

Bachelorette Party Crazeeeeeys

Last Saturday a bunch of my college gal pals and I celebrated this pretty lady's last fling before the ring.

Meet Ashley.

Oh and what a night it was!

Some of the gal's started the day off early with wine tasting and we all regrouped at our friend Amelia's house for more wine, primping and of course photos.

I was so pumped to hang out with this girl and all the others.

It had been way too long since we had a good night out on the town :-)
Just us girls.

We snapped a group photo before heading downtown for dinner at Bellini's.

We ate some Ahhmazing pasta and sipped more wine before headed out downtown Lex on our very
own party bus compliments of the bride's sister.

Meet our party bus driver.
Bless his heart for putting up with us and all our shenanigans all night long.

And it begins...

did i mention i am obsessed with this gal??!!

At our first stop on the party bus we may or may not have had a lil dance off with another bridal party. Katie brought down the house!

We managed to need a pit stop at a local gas station to get some more beverages and of course Doritos!!
OMG they were so delish! I forgot the last time I had eaten Doritos. I smelt like a big bag of chips for the rest of the night. Oopsie

Clearly the Doritos were flowing on the party bus.

We took a pit stop to our Alma Mater - good ol' Transylvania University for a scavenger hunt put together by the MOH. 
Yep, that's right. We romped through campus in our party bus on a Saturday night just like the good ol' days. It was priceless and hilarious!

While some people scavenger hunted...some of us  may or may not have hung out in the nurse's office with the CPR manikins....

And what is a Bachelorette party without a few of these...bahahaha!

One of Ash's scavenger hunt requirements was to take a picture with the campus police.
He was ready to murder us.ha!

We wore out our welcome at Transy pretty fast (that is putting it mildly) and our party bus took us back downtown to finish out the night.

The whole night was so much fun and i think little Ashley had a blast!
I made Kev drive me straight through Taco Bell on the way home...that just goes to show you what kind of night we had.
Love a good gal's night out!
So excited for Ashley's wedding in a couple of weeks....if this was an indicator of what is yet to come...Louisville better watch out!!


Katy M said...

Looks like it was a ton of fun! that's too funny you ended up in the nurses office!

Cat Simmonds said...

I love the difference between what the bride to be looked like at the beginning of the night compared to the end, looks like a ton of fun!!!

Michelle said...

looks like so much fun!

Sara Palmer said...

I've been checking your blog obsessively waiting for the bachelorette party report!! Haha! Loooove it! What a fun night! And I love the the pics in the nurse's office!

Love you, Dream Team!

Sarah said...

ahhh that looks like such a fun night!! And you look gorgeous as always :)

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