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Olivia June:1 month old

 I can't even begin to believe that our sweet baby girl is already one month old. How is that even possible?!?! We fall more in love with her every single day. Livi is such a good so good!!!  The first month has been amazing and hard all rolled into one. We are absolutely crazy about her, but being a new parent comes with so many highs and lows. The lack of sleep has been very hard to get used to as well as the worrying over every single thing as a first time parent. We just want everything to be perfect for her and are learning together as we go.

Weight: Baby Girl, you weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce upon delivery. At your recent 1 month appointment you weighed 8 pounds and 12 ounces (60th percentile). Momma is so happy you are growing.
Height: at birth you measured 19.5 inches long. At your one month appt you measured 21.25 inches long ( percentile)

Nicknames : Livi, Liv, Olive, Livy J, zarbles, zarbee, the littlest, my little 

Eating: you have been exclusively breastfed since day one. You did get one ounce of formula in the hospital cause mommy had a meltdown and couldn't get you to calm down. You weren't the best latcher or most efficient nurser in the early days. You would comfort suck mommy a lot and not empty her, causing her to be super engorged and constantly having to pump. Daddy would feed you bottles at night so mom could pump. At two weeks momma started exclusively breastfeeding and you are taking those bottles like a champ. You started eating 2 ounces at the beginning of the month 8-10 x per day. Now you eat 3-3.5 ounces 8 -9 x a day.  You tend to be hungry in the evening and will eat every 2 hours, but for the majority of the day you eat every three hours. 

Clothing: you wore newborn clothes all month. Mom and dad really love your newborn sleepers that zip...makes diaper changes so much easier. Momma is surprised that she doesn't change you ten thousand times a day as your parents and grandparents went a little over board in the clothing department. However, you hate having your clothes changes and momma hates taking things on and off your head. The last week of this month you were able to wear some of your 0/3 month clothes.

Diapers:mommy and daddy have tried pampers and huggies and we prefer pampers. You are still wearing Newborn size diapers.

Sleep: The first couple of nights were rough on Mommy. We got home and put you in the pack n play beside of our bed and mommy cried the first night and told your daddy that we should hire a night nurse. Your daddy immediately laughed in my face. I was just so worried about you. I woke up that first night and made sure you were breathing at least 10 times. I dreaded the nights every evening the first few week. You would sleep for 2-3 hour intervals the first week or two. At your one week follow up the doctor said we didn't have to wake you up to eat and to feed you on demand as you wanted it. Nana was so helpful with you during the nights. One night I woke up and she had you in your crib and was asleep next to you in the floor. she truly is super woman. Toward the end of the month you were sleeping for 3-4 hour intervals. You now sleep in your rock n play next to momma and daddy's bed on my side of the bed. You are much more content swaddled in your rock n play vs. flat in the pack n play.  

Health :Olivia you are such a healthy girl. You have had no major health concerns and it makes mommy and daddy so grateful. You tend to have some gas issues and are only fussy when your belly is bothering you. We started probiotic drops, gas drops and gripe water and it does seem to be helping. You also aren't the greatest burper, but the doc keeps telling us that is normal for some babies. You have some baby acne on your left cheek that flares up and a bit of a newborn rash on your cheeks, neck and chest. It doesn't seem to bother you and we are letting it run its course. 

Baby Gear Must Haves: Dr. Browns bottles and preemie nipples, Rock n play, Swing, Mamaroo, MAM pacifier - we tried soothies and they just didn't work for us, SwaddleMe blankets, Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets, anything with a mirror, Puj bathtub,
gerber cloth diapers ( we use these as burp cloths)
Likes: you love love playing in the mirror while being changed. you love laying on your belly on mommy and daddy's chest, you love your it! you also like going for rides in your car seat or stroller. you also like your play mat and watching the mobile and lights. you like the shhhhhh noise and also you love bathtime.

Dislikes: waiting for a bottle to be warmed, stopping in the love to ride, but you love riding when the car is moving, the first two weeks you hated when anybody changed you and you hated those cold you don't mind those things at all. You don't like burping or being interrupted to burp while you take your bottle. You also don't love being held in a cradle position in someone's arms prefer to be on your belly or on your back. 
Mommy: Mommy was super emotional when we first got home. She would look at you and cry. Cry because she loved your so much, cry because she worried about you, cry because she didn't always know what she was doing, cry because you cried. The last two weeks have been much better. Mommy gets a little crabby in the evenings as she becomes more tired, but other than that the hormones seem to be at bay for the most part.
Mommy had a hard time nursing you and constantly feeling "soaked and moist" as well as having you attached to the boobie all day. It was very hard for mommy as you and I weren't a great breastfeeding team....however, pumping has helped mommy's stress levels so much. I love that daddy or nana can feed you and I love that I can go out and run errands for our household and know that someone else can feed you and give you all the nutrients that momma is making for you.
Mommy gained a total of 33-34 pounds during pregnancy and at 4 weeks has 10-11 more pounds to lose. I am pretty happy about this considering I am eating like a horse and not working out. I will get there in time. Still trying to adjust to life with baby and finding the right routines and rhythms.

Daddy: Daddy has been amazing! Can I just also mention the fact he started a new job when you were two weeks old. It comes natural to Kev and he always keeps his cool and is so so patient with you. He changes your diaper like a pro and loves to give you your bottles. He loves tickling you with his beard and loves talking to you. Daddy gets upset when everyone gushes about how much you look like mommy. He insists you look like him. Daddy is a champ in the evenings when Mommy starts to get tired.

Pups: Bailey and Uggie Sue have had quite the adjustment. I still think Bailey is terrified of you....but he does great with you. He doesn't bother you and occasionally walks by and sniffs you. I can't believe he hasn't tried to lick you. He leaves the room when you cry or get really fussy. Uggie is a little too interested in you and gets a little too close. She gets super anxious when you cry and has been very protective of you. She loves licking your toes and loves to smell you. We have been super cautious with her, but she is adjusting better each day.

Social/Visitors: Your Nana stayed with us the first two weeks to help mommy and daddy adjust. Mommy doesn't know what she would have done without her. She kept us fed and kept the house running while Daddy and I focused on you. Your uncle Charlie and Aunt Britty also were frequent visitors as well as your poppy. Nana has been here at least once every week. Your Mamaw and Papaw came to see you after the hospital at home too. A lot of mommy's girlfriends also came to see you the first month including Megan & Justin, Dawn & Rick, Angie, Caitlin M, Denise, Melissa and Danielle. Mommy had a hard time with visitors in the beginning. She basically had a panic attack anytime someone would hold you other than Nana or Daddy. Mommy also had a hard time sharing you in general with the outside world and was uber over-protective the first few weeks and basically cancelled all visitors for the first week other than family.

Outings:  your first trip outside of the house other than doctor appointment were shoe shopping, multiple target trips, the grocery store and Taste of Belgium.
Life: Life has changed one thousand percent. all for the better! Sure the lack of sleep is hard, but you are worth it baby girl. Our whole world currently revolves around you. For mom it's mostly about pumping, feeding and changing you and getting you on some type of routine. Mommy and Daddy have had one date night. One to Newport on the Levee to eat dinner outside at the Fish Market. We spent the entire night looking at pictures of you and watching videos. We also spent one day running errands. It was the first time I had been away from you and Mommy made Daddy bring her home early. 

Milestones: you were rolling on to your side on day two and it freaked mommy out that you could already do that. toward the end of the month your little neck and head are getting stronger during tummy time, you are starting to stare at your mobile on your play yard, you love looking in the mirror, you love toys with lights, watched your first UK game, 1st dinner party at our house with the Nomadys, your first car ride, first brunch to taste of Belgium to celebrate daddy, poppy's and uncle Charlie's birthdays, 1st target trip, 1st trip to the grocery store, two MD appointments this month.

Dear Sweet Olivia,
  From the moment they laid you on my chest and you stuck your bottom lip out at mommy and daddy heart exploded. I love you so much baby girl and the last four weeks you have taught  me so much. So much about love and about myself. I promise to always love you and protect you and be the best mommy I can be to you. Your dad and I are so so in love with you and you have changed our lives forever. I hope you know that we are still trying to figure this parenting thing out so please be patient with us. One thing is for sure - you are the most precious thing in this world to us. We thank God above everyday for you. You are the greatest blessing we have ever received. 
Love, mommy 




Amy Willingham said...

What a sweet sweet angel baby you have!! Congrats girl!! Having a girl literally is the best thing since....EVER! :):)

Tung Nguyen said...

So lovely !!!!

nha xinh
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