Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pregnancy Highlights Week 5-12

I have been trying to document all the little moments of pregnancy for myself, Kev and our little baby to be.  Here's whats was going on during the not so glamorous past 12 weeks or so in our world.

Week 5 Highlights
- making our first MD appt
- feeling exhausted all the time
- the “gals" were soooo tender and swollen. Holy boobies!
- The Jackson’s came to visit to celebrate a late Christmas

Week 6 Highlights
-the nausea kicked in full swing and high gear
- major food aversions to everything!
- no appetite
-only able to choke down protein shakes, fresh fruit, white carbs (saltines, plain bagels, etc) apple juice, Gatorade
- exhausted and going to bed by 830pm
-super hormonal
-traveled home to Eastern Kentucky and got lots of R&R

Week 7 Highlights
-getting more nauseous at work
- meeting Megan for a “half-way date” and gushing about pregnancy
- telling close girlfriends
-Dinner and a movie with kev (American Sniper)and feeling so miserably sick in a sold out theater…..also, not being able to order anything at dinner because I felt so nauseous. I was finally able to hold down some soft pretzels and popcorn.

Week 8 Highlights
-oh week were one for the record books. so many emotions that week.
- I was hit with a nasty stomach bug on top of already existing nausea. it was horrible.
-i called into work three days in a row and never thought i would feel like myself again
-kev kept us afloat with housework, grocery trips, laundry and waiting on me hand and foot
- Kev's best guy pals came to visit and he spilled the beans. he was so excited to tell them
- at the end of week 8 we had our first doctor appointment and saw the baby for the first time and heard the heartbeat. i swear it was almost magical. that same day, my granny went to heaven to be with our Lord. it was a day filled with so many highs and so many lows.

Week 9 Highlights 
-nausea, nausea and more nausea.
-exhausted. coming home from work and not moving from the couch
-hiding my sickness at work became harder and harder. although i told my boss very early on due to working in health care and certain precautions with patients, i had not told other co-workers. that week I did and it was such a burden off my chest. the support i received from my inner work circle was amazing. they helped out with my caseload on those days I was gagging it up in the bathroom.
- we received some not so good news regarding my MIL's health, but continue to remain positive as she has already starter her chemotherapy treatment

Week 10 Highlights
-my family came to visit and momma gave kev a break by helping me all around the house
- nausea still in high gear and i could barely eat anything that weekend
- starting to feel bloated and noticing an itty bit of a bump after meals

Week 11 Highlights 
-less nausea (praise the lord!) but still so fatigued all.the.time
-appetite finally coming back
-loving fruit (especially all berries, pineapple, watermelon and cuties)
-we had dinner with one of favorite couples we have met since moving to NKY, The Sorrells and gushed all about our future peanut with them
-on Valentines' day baby went to 1st UK basketball game and tasted the greatness of Rupp Arena ice cream
-that itty bitty bump pops right out after a big meal

Week 12 Highlights 
-planning our reveal/announcement
- finally telling close friends about our little secret and receiving so much love and excitement
-our second MD appt and seeing our baby do flip flops all over the place and waving little arms
- hearing the heartbeat for the second time
-being snowed in with Kev for most of the week. let me mention that he has handled nearly 100 percent of the cooking and cleaning . how did i get so lucky?

It still feels so so surreal! We are still pinching ourselves and completely over the moon about our little guy or girl. 


Candace said...

Ahhh I missed this! How exciting. Congratulations! You LOOK beautiful! Just glowing.

Pamela said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! :)

Meghan said...

So excited for you guys! You're gonna be a great momma!

susan said...

Oh so happy for you and your family, anxious to see your little one.

Megan said...

So exciting! You look beautiful!!

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