Friday, May 16, 2014

it has been a hot minute......

So it's been a hot minute since I have carved out the time for this little bloggy here. I have missed it so much, but the truth is I have struggled to balance the time for it. Kev and I have been so busy with getting to know our new surroundings and meeting new people, that it had to take a back seat. I find it so much easier to get my social media fix with instagram and keep up with all my bloggy faves through that avenue. However, I truly miss documenting mine and Kev's lives. That's the whole reason I started blogging in the first place, to have my little space to document the not so exciting, everyday experiences. So here I am, trying to hop back in the saddle.......

Here's a quick glance on some things I missed out on blogging in the spring. Don't mind me, I'll be over here playing catch up for a while.

March 2014- My sweet, sweet Bailey boy turned 8 years old on March 31. Tear. It semi breaks my heart that he is technically considered a senior dog. I hate seeing that on his vet appointment reminder cards. They say that boxers are always two and I believe that 100 percent. Bailey acts as energetic and playful as a puppy does. 

March 2014 - Kev's work space got upgraded and we took my momma to the grand opening. I felt like we were totally at the Google HQ. So proud of him and his new career. He absolutely loves it. 

March 2014- Momma and I tore up Kenwood Mall with some spring/summer shopping. And of course we bought matching shirts. Duh! 
March/April 2014 - We spent a lot of time cheering on our Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA tournament. And we made it the freaking final four!! It was glorious! (even if we almost had a heart attack

April 2014- We had both of our families up for Easter weekend. It was so much fun. Full post to come :-)
April 2014 - We spent the day in Lexington going to Keeneland and meeting up with friends at Pazzo's. A full post to come on this, too. 

April/May 2014 - We started operation "spring yard work". We are loving our landscaping and that everything is in full bloom. 

May 2014 - We have been making new friends and I just love this lil lady and her sweet BF. They showed us around some fun and hip places around downtown Cincy this spring. Kev and I are finally feeling like we are getting to know this place. This particular night was just perfect. We finally made our way to OTR and found a new restaurant and a couple of patios we are enamored with. 

May 2014- I chopped my hair off and added some red tones for spring and summer. I am loving my hair short. I don't know why I try to grow it out. It just doesn't work. My momma cursed me with baby fine hair, but I will forgive her for it. 
May 2014 - We have been spending a lot of time on our back porch for evening dinners and drinks. We love it out there. 

May 2014 - I became obsessed with Bourbon and Boweties bracelets. Absolutely obsessed!

May 2014 - Baby Brother graduated from college. Can't wait to share more details about our super fun weekend celebrating his accomplishment and share his big news. 

Happy Friday Y'all! 
It feels good to be back! 


Jordon said...

love love love your chopped hair!! We have been missing you!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Loved seeing this pop up in my feed yesterday! Been missing your bloggins ;P

Eesh said...

Your hair is amazing!

I missed reading your blog but loved following you on IG!

Congrats to baby bro!!!

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

Ashley said...

I think instagram is the new blog. i find it SO hard to find time for blogging these days too...but so glad I can keep up with you on IG XO

Ashley said...

I think instagram is the new blog. i find it SO hard to find time for blogging these days too...but so glad I can keep up with you on IG XO

Brittany said...

Love your new hair!! Very cute

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