Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend was semi low key 
(excuse thee photo quality below compliments of my iphone) 

Friday night I met my best gal pal from home, Katrina, and her adorable two year old for dinner.
Sweet Trigg was the ring bearer in our wedding and is just growing like a weed.
But shewww, talk about birth control....a toddler will do that to you.
You couldn't take your eyes off wild man for one second. 
There was a chocking incident at the table where mommy panicked, another gal with us covered her eyes, and the gal who knows squat about babies (aka moi) pulled our her first aid skills and saved the day.
After dinner, we hit T.J.Maxx and I found not one, but TWO Michael Kors purses that were steals!
I may have brought them both home and still can't decide which one I want. Maybe both?!?!

Saturday morning Kev and I saw goodbye to an era and officially put his motorcycle up for sale.
Don't worry, our Harley Davidson love is still there, we will be upgrading in the future.

Saturday night we met our friends Megan and Justin downtown at Clawdaddy's.
This was the first time we had all been there
Lexington peeps - it was delicious and such fresh seafood, but the portions are very small and it's pricey. IMO - I would go for lunch vs. dinner.
We sat outside and enjoyed the cooler summer temperatures.
Loved every second of it!
After dinner we headed over to Shakespeare and Company for a drink and dessert.
Our favorite server was working which was an added bonus.
Rexxy's long time friends Tommy and John joined us too.

After dessert, we decided to hang out downtown a little longer and headed to over to Cheapside.....
and these two gorgeous gals met up with us there

Sunday morning after church, Kev, John, Tommy and I had brunch at Josie's in Chevy Chase. It's our favorite place to brunch in town.

We spent the rest of Sunday taking it easy around the house and wiping off the dust of these bad boys....

That's Buffy the Vampire Slayer - all 7 seasons on dvd.
I'm a nerd when it comes to them. Kev has watched seasons 1-4 in the past with me, but we started on season 5 this weekend. 

and i am still so indecisive over my weekend purchase.
Which one people?1?1


Diana Buchanan said...

OMG I LOVEEEE the striped version. Although the solid could make it through all seasons and the stripes hint a little more at summer or spring, in my opinion. Love your striped shirt in the first pic too! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Nicole {Appalachian Charm} said...

How about you keep one bag and mail me the other ha! The striped one looks more summer so maybe the blue for an all season bag...or heck keep both!

Ashley said...

Ohhhh girl, those bags!! I am in love with the blue one. I think it's more timeless, it will go with everything - dressed up or down!

Eesh said...

The striped MK has a nautical feel to it, great for summer! The royal blue MK will carry through every season. OMG I love em both!!! I'm jealous!

I'm obsessed with Buffy myself! Syfy had a marathon going two weeks ago Sunday and I was so upset that they skipped a few episodes. I made the honey watch with me either way.

Great job on pulling out that First Aid kit by the way! Way to not panic. I probably would have panicked!


Lindsey said...

Keep the UK blue!! I totally saw a bunch of MK bags at the TJs in Frankfort and reallllly wanted a tote, but I just bought a new crossbody and don't need both!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I loved the striped one best! So sad getting rid of the Harley he looks great on it! It is bike week here in Laconia NH and I love seeing all the bikes.

Brooke Hamilton said...

Just my two cents! I love the striped one!!!

Casey Ferri said...

EEEE I love both! To second what others have said, I think the solid would make it through all seasons and be more versatile, so with that being said, that's my pick! I'm picturing it with a pink patterned scarf tied on for summer :)

Babygirl said...

Love them both, but with football season around the corner, I gotta say, go with the blue!!!! But that black and white stripe would pair well with anything blue too!!

Katie said...

I love the purse on the left :) if you pick the other, I am interested---haha!

Jordon said...

I am just saying that you can't go wrong with that wildcat blue! Football season is coming quick!

Kelly said...

I love both of those bags and can see why you are having such a hard time deciding. I am a sucker for stripes though so I would probably end up going with that one.

Jill said...

GIRLLL!!! I thought you'd made up your mind! You need to keep the one you'd be willing to pay full price for...if you wouldn't be willing to pay full price for the blue one, don't buy it 'just because' it's on sale, so to speak. You'll keep thinking about the striped one, since you've wanted it for so long! Ha! Okay another way to think of this - if you'd found these bad boys 2 months ago - which would you have kept?

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