Monday, May 6, 2013

First weekend in May

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The First weeeknd in May around KY is known as Derby weekend!

Kev and I got the party started around here on Thursday this week. I had some nasty stomach thing on Wednesday and was so ready to feel better. Thank goodness it was some yucky 24 hour bug and that was it. We met up with miss Meg and her husband for a lil Thursday Night Live action in downtown Lexington. TNL is a local Lexington gathering that runs from April through October at Cheapside Park accompanied with live music, food and drinks in the middle of the Pavilion. They close parts of the streets down y'all and it's usually a guaranteed good time. You know it's springtime when Thursday night live gets kickin again.
And boy was it crowded...people were out from the woodwork.

We celebrated Meg's hubby being done for the semester with mechanical engineering school. JC has been working his booty off while my home girl, Meg, has been bringing home the bacon. We let our hair down a little and enjoyed ourselves

We ended up making a night of our lil meet up and adventured down to Atomic Cafe for dinner. Boy was it delish!
I think Friday's should be the new thursdays!

Friday evening rolled around and we had plans to celebrate with this hottie for her birthday.

We all met up at Oneils for drinks and appetizers while we waited out the 1.5 hour wait for Coba Cocina.
Don't even get me started........

All that mattered is that we had amazing company and lots of drinkys to go around....and that my girly Caitlin was surrounded by her besties.

And what friday night isn't complete with your typical photo sesh in the ladies bathroom?
Pretty sure those women thought we were craaaay.

We ended the night with birthday shots at Chase taproom, showing off our dance skillz to the regulars there who know how to break it down on the dance floor.

Happy Birthday Caitlin!!!!
Saturday - aka Derby Day!
I wish Kev and I had some fun story about the derby, but alas, we don't!
Our Saturday looked a lil something like this......

It poured the rain in the bluegrass and we just didn't have the energy to put into a trip to Louisville.
We spent the day watching all the coverage on the telly. I made us a big french toast breakyyfast and we also made our own dinner and soaked up some much needed couch time with the doggies.
We did manage to go to the local starving artist gallery to order our new artwork for the living room.
Here's a hint - no house in lexington is complete without some type of horse artwork. What better day than derby to make our purchase?!

I also added finishing touches to our memory wall. It's almost complete. I just ordered more professional wedding and Mr. And Mrs session photos to hang. I love the way it turned out.


I did some major and much needed retail therapy at the mall, while Kev hammed it up with his buddies at lunch

Some sneaky peaks of some of the items I bought....

all of the above from the limited. ps - majority of their dresses are still 40 %!
 you are welcome :-)

I also blew a hole in my wallet at f21. I have learned i CAN NOT online shop there. anybody else feel me when I can wear anything from a XS to a L in that store?!?!? it is so frustrating! What's even more frustrating is that unless it is a high-lo or a maxi, my 5'9" legs ain't working in most of their dresses. no matter how hard i try, they are gonna be shirts on me....or I can always look like a 17 year old skank wearing too small clothes. ummm no! I will stick to making dresses into long tunics I can rock out with my skin tight colored jeggins.

This will be made into a shirt...unless I plan to show my undies

And that's my weekend in a nutshell!
The good news is ....monday is already over :-)


Whitney said...

Love your gallery wall. Amazing!

Kelly said...

Love that blue Limited dress! I seriously try to stay away from that store otherwise I would be b-r-o-k-e.

I'm sad that we didn't get to come up to KY for Derby this year, but once I saw that it was thanks! Glad we stayed home :)

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Katherine H said...

what fun memories!



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